The Value of Interactive Personalized Video – Year Roundup

by | Dec 14, 2022

Why Companies in Regulated Industries are Embracing Interactive Personalized Video

Customer engage interactive video content

Organizations in regulated industries, such as financial services, utilities, healthcare etc., have begun to recognize the power and potential of interactive personalized video. Leaders at these organizations are augmenting costly channels like call centers with engaging, experiences that can answer customer questions in a way that is both scalable and personal.

They are using interactive personalized videos to explain the content of bills and statements, making complex content simple, and upselling customers with targeted, relevant product and service offerings. And customer behavior shows a clear preference for this sort of content. In addition, interactive personalized video is a perfect format to offer clients timely advice on ways to improve their financial well-being at this time of economic uncertainty. I have addressed this in detail in our recent webinar:

Communication and CX: Your Keys to Engagement, Revenue, & Cost Reduction in Uncertain Times. Watch on-demand

The Proof!

72% of customers prefer to watch a video rather than read text to learn about a product or service.

90% of customers who receive a personalized video report greater satisfaction with, and a better understanding of, that company’s products and services.

Are you ready to learn more about interactive personalized video? Over the last year, we’ve addressed how video content can move the needle in a variety of industries, reducing costs and increasing customer convenience and engagement.

Book a demo to see how your organization can benefit from Doxim’s cutting-edge video solution that provides the ‘personal touch’ customers desire and respond to. Book a Demo

Discover The Value Of Personalized Video For Utilities

Today, consumers are migrating to online channels for day-to-day financial transactions and payments, but when it comes to utility bills, consumers need to understand what they are paying for and how to pay it. Billing information that is accurate, understandable, and personalized motivates the consumer to complete their payment more quickly and reduces calls to the support center. This blog explains how interactive personalized video engages the consumer in a meaningful way, making complex billing information easy to understand.

Whitepaper: Personalized Video Content Overcomes Low Digital Engagement In Financial Services

Traditional financial services web copy often fails to engage website visitors. Did you know that nearly half (47%) of visitors to financial service websites leave after seeing only one page of content, and that 39% of customer-facing content goes totally unseen? Download this whitepaper to learn how to use personalized video to break through the low engagement barrier and make a meaningful impression on your financial services customers.

Doxim CCM Interactive Video is a must-have for any organization wanting to improve customer engagement. Get a use case video for your organization

Healthcare Insurers Can Leverage Personalized, Interactive Video To Improve Member Engagement

Many health plan members confidently use online channels for managing their claims, statements, and other account activities. But when they have questions about their plan or coverage, they still prefer the ‘personal touch.’ They want to reach out to a staff member with questions, but staffing is expensive, has capacity limitations, and cannot scale. You can bridge this gap with personalized, interactive “explainer videos” that help your health care plan members make use of their insurance and understand their responsibilities. Read the blog to learn how to leverage this technology.

Gain A Competitive Edge With Personalized Video For Wealth Management

Wealth management firms work hard to make a strong first impression with their clients. During the busy onboarding period, they must efficiently deliver required information and branded content, introduce relationship stakeholders, and open and fund accounts quickly-all while getting to know the client and what matters most to them. This blog outlines five ways in which personalized video can be used to educate, engage, and motivate during onboarding, so you can build strong client relationships right from the start.

Doxim CCM Clients can Leverage Personalized, Interactive Video Technology to Optimize Communications

Customer accessing Personalized interactive video content

Doxim CCM leverages our client’s existing data to deliver personalized, interactive video experiences at scale. Unlike other bespoke and expensive solutions, Doxim CCM Interactive Video delivers low cost, 1:1 videos from a template that has proven to be effective and yields maximum ROI.

The visual engagement and real-time interactivity made possible through video, provides the ‘personal touch’ that drives increased customer satisfaction, better engagement, and high conversion rates.

See for yourself. Discover how Doxim CCM Interactive Video can help your organization improve customer acquisition and drive action.

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