Customer Communications Management

The Doxim CCM platform is an integrated SaaS solution that empowers clients to create and deliver business-critical documents and omnichannel personalized communications, engaging customers throughout the entire lifecycle.

Customer Communicatons Management Platform

Future Proof Your Communications Strategy


“Doxim allows us to think outside the box! We have reduced internal workload, become more green, and cut costs”

United Heritage Credit Union

Doxim CCM Platform

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Customer Communication Platform

The Doxim CCM platform is an integrated SaaS solution that empowers clients to create and deliver business-critical documents and omnichannel personalized communications, engaging customers throughout the entire lifecycle.

From acquisition to ongoing service, cross-sell, and retention, Doxim CCM enables organizations in financial services, utilities, healthcare, and other regulated industries to leverage their data to communicate with customers via their preferred channel, while supporting the industry-specific regulatory requirements.

The Doxim CCM SaaS platform deployment is seamless and cost-effective, backed by our purpose-built technologies, core systems integrations, APIs, enterprise-grade infrastructure and security policies, and the experienced and dedicated client services teams.

Unlike other CCM solutions, the Doxim platform is designed to be a full suite of CCM services.

One Platform, One Price,  Any Channel


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From Creation to Delivery, Doxim CCM Platform is Your One-Stop-Shop

Authoring & Design

  • High-Volume Composition
  • Regulatory Documents
  • Template Management
  • Asset Management
  • Correspondence
  • eSignature Integration

Presentation & Delivery

  • PDF, HTML, Email, SMS, IVR, Print/Mail
  • Business & Marketing Messaging
  • Payments
  • Accessibility

Analytics & Reporting

  • Event Tracking
  • Usage Reports
  • Compliance Reports
  • Marketing Insights

Security & Compliance

  • Flexible ECM Integration
  • Accessibility Compliance
  • 24/7 Access & Monitoring
  • Secure Datacenters
  • Full Redundancy & 3rd Party Audits

Omnichannel Interaction

  • Preferences Management
  • Email Marketing
  • Customer Portals
  • Two-Way Communications
  • Customer Service
  • Personalization

Any Data, Any Source

  • Core Systems
  • XML, Batch FTP, API, Ad-Hoc
  • Centralized Account Management
  • Data Processing

Discover the Benefits of a CCM Platform

Improve Customer Experience

It’s not easy to satisfy the demands of modern consumers who have high expectations and many choices. Create better-looking statements, print in full color, deliver via a channel of choice, get analytics on engagement – all with Doxim as your one-stop trusted partner.

Unlock Additional Revenue

Transactional communications such as statements, bills, notices, reports, are like regular meetings your customers simply have to attend! Use every chance to put a personalized offer in front of every customer, creating value for them and driving more revenue from cross selling for your organization.

Remove Operational Complexity

Let Doxim handle your omnichannel document design,  production, storage, and delivery so you can focus on your core business. With our scale and expertise, we will handle all operational complexity – ensuring quality and consistency across all channels and reducing your team’s workload.

Ensure Compliance

Don’t leave privacy, security, and compliance to chance. Doxim operates state-of-the-art, fully compliant production facilities and data centers across North America, and has processes in place to control risks associated with business critical document production, storage, and delivery

Discover Many Ways to Save Costs

From cutting costs of paper and postage, to consolidating multiple documents into one package or leveraging the economies of scale only a vendor with a national presence can offer, Doxim delivers tangible savings.

Doxim CCM Features

Digital/Print Composition


Marketing Messaging


Enterprise Content Management


Self Service Correspondence


Digital Business Messaging


Doxim CCM Portal


Regulated Documents


Omni-channel Delivery


Document Accessibility


Custom Statement Redesign


Return Mail Solutions


Data Management

Preference Management


Template Management


Reporting & Analytics


Email Marketing