Customer Communications Management

The Doxim CCM platform is an integrated SaaS solution that empowers clients to create and deliver business-critical documents and omnichannel personalized communications, engaging customers throughout the entire lifecycle.


One Platform. One Price. Any Channel.

“Doxim allows us to think outside the box! We have reduced internal workload, become more green, and cut costs”

United Heritage Credit Union

Engage Customers, Minimize Costs and Maximize Revenue with the Doxim Customer Communications Management Platform

Today’s modern customer experience (CX) means engaging customers in ways that are frequent, targeted and interactive, with communications available on demand – in the customers’ channel of choice. But this experience needs to be secure, compliant, and efficient to optimize your costs and maximize your revenue.

As your partner in customer communications, you can rely on Doxim Customer Communications Management (CCM) for the latest technology and managed services you need for a competitive advantage.

Doxim CCM Platform

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The Doxim Customer Communications Management Platform

The Doxim CCM platform is an integrated SaaS solution that empowers clients to create regulated, personalized, omnichannel communications at scale and deliver them in the customers preferred channel across each step of the customer journey.

All customer communications are adequately protected when uploading them to Doxim Enterprise Content Management for secure access.

Our platform incorporates technology, solutions, and services for engaging your customers, minimizing your costs, and maximizing your revenue.

Digital Engagement – Provide your customers with self-serve, on-demand access to their digital documents through a variety of channels, based on their preferences. Activate your customers by notifying them when new documents are available, engage in 2-way conversations via email or SMS/text, and maximize your revenue with targeted marketing and email campaigns.

Print Services – Continue to satisfy your customers’ desire for printed documents with pieces that are attractive, cost-effective and with optimized delivery

Insights into delivery, access, and engagement enable you to analyze how customers interact with their documents which allows for enhancements to be made - ultimately ensuring a better customer experience.

Also leverage the customer data on hand to generate highly personalized offers that are relevant to each customer’s needs and lifecycle stage.

These insights can then be fed back into the creation process.

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Responsive HTML




SMS/Text Message


Secure Web




Print & Mail

We Help Manage the Complexity of Document Generation

The process of generating personalized, omnichannel communications for customers in regulated industries is highly complex and subject to stringent regulation.

This is our area of expertise! We design a process tailored to your specific needs and environment with templates for targeted, personalized communications across channels. Then, our experts manage day-to-day document generation and delivery – for optimal results.


Operational Efficiencies


Risk Mitigation


Opportunities to Maximize Revenue

Self-Serve Control for Business Users

We know speed and agility are important to your business. While we manage “behind-the-scenes” operations, we provide self-serve control to your business users – enabling your operations, marketing, and customer service teams to author, make changes, administer key aspects of your communications and get insights on delivery and engagement 

The Doxim CCM Client Portal is a one-stop-shop where your business users engage with Doxim and administer communications across your customer experience.

One Platform. One Price. Any Channel

Lead the Way with Doxim Customer Communications Management

An Integrated Platform for Omnichannel Communications

It’s not easy to satisfy the demands of modern consumers with high expectations and many choices. Leverage a complete set of integrated products for omnichannel communications and engagement across the customer journey – all with Doxim as your one-stop trusted partner.

Discover Cost Savings

Our scale and technology help you reduce paper and postage costs while leveraging the economies of scale only a vendor with a national presence can offer, Doxim delivers tangible savings.

Unlock Revenue Opportunities

Transactional communications such as statements, bills, notices, reports, are like regular meetings that your customers simply have to attend! Use every chance to put a personalized offer in front of every customer, creating value for them and driving more revenue from cross selling for your organization.

Chart a Course for Digital Transformation

Doxim’s strategic consulting team can guide your digital transformation efforts. Leverage their expertise to assess your needs, develop strategies, chart your course, and improve each step of the digital CX.

Built-In Accessibility

We ensure your documents and customer portal pages are fully accessible for use by assistive technology and compliant with regulation.

Ready to Grow with You

As your communication strategy evolves, our services team will update your environment, work with you on additional solutions and communications, and activate new features in the Doxim CCM Client Portal. All clients on the Doxim CCM platform benefit from our innovations and new releases, receiving ongoing feature enhancements.

Any Data, Any Source, Any Format

  • Core Systems
  • XML, Batch FTP, API, Ad hoc
  • Data processing
  • Centralized Account Management

Authoring & Design

  • High-Volume Composition
  • Template Management
  • Centralized Asset Management
  • Personalization & Targeting
  • Self-Serve Correspondence
  • eSignature Integration

Omnichannel Delivery & Engagement

  • PDF, HTML, Email, SMS, IVR, Web, Print
  • Preferences Management
  • Marketing Messages
  • Payments

Analytics & Reporting

  • Usage & Engagement Reports
  • Compliance Reports
  • Marketing Insights

Security & Compliance

  • Secure document archival
  • 24/7 Access and Monitoring
  • Secure Datacenters
  • Full Redundancy & 3rd Party Audits
  • Accessibility Compliance

Doxim CCM – A Complete Set of Integrated Products


Doxim CCM Client Portal


Customer Experience Portal


Email Marketing


Document Generation/Composition


Digital Business Messaging


Self-Serve Correspondence


Enterprise Content Management


Customer Service Center


Print Communications