Deliver Attractive, Personalized Print Communications

If your customers prefer print, you can rely on Doxim to deliver attractive, personalized print communications. Read further to learn more

Deliver Attractive, Personalized Print Communications

If Your Customers Prefer Print, You can Rely on Doxim to Deliver Attractive, Personalized Print Communications, Designed to Optimize Readability and Customer Response

We are a USPS-designated full-service mailer with the scale, efficiencies, and value-add services you require.

  • Stringent Adherence to SLAs - Standard equipment, technology, and processes enable consistent and timely job completion – for stringent adherence to SLAs.
  • “A” Verified Security Scorecard - Our secure processing environment is verified by 3rd parties, exceeds all industry standards, and is top ranked across all requirements.
  • Superior Quality & Flexibility - We use the latest inkjet technology for superior print quality, speed, and cost. Our standard production processes and continuous improvement methodology elevate client input and fuel our client-centric focus.
  • Layout & Design - Information layout impacts readability, attention, and customer response. Our experts leverage best practices to ensure your communications are clear, compelling, and designed for optimal response rates.
  • Full-Service USPS Designation – Our extensive value-add services improve your delivery accuracy and provide you with the lowest possible postage rates.

Key Benefits:

  • Attractive, personalized print communications with optimal design
  • Increased longevity on the desktop or countertop
  • Strongly preferred by many segments of the North American market
  • Designed to optimize readability and customer response
  • Compliant with regulatory requirements