Doxim CCM for Accounts Receivable Management (ARM)

Accelerate Collections with Compliant, Omnichannel Engagement

Manage cashflow through digital solutions

Every business needs to manage their cash flow and accounts receivable, ensuring payment is received for services rendered.

Seamless consumer communications services, along with catering to varied payment channel preferences, are the key to successful collection efforts.

Doxim provides expert collection letter and pre-bill statement design, compliant operations, and a seamless billing-to-payment experience that accelerates outstanding collections.

Let’s discuss your organization’s unique consumer communication needs…

Why Choose Doxim CCM for Accounts Receivable Management?

  • A resilient network of print and mail operations nationwide, with data hygiene, pre-sorting, householding, and reporting
  • Flexible consumer engagement in the consumer’s channel of choice including web, email, text/SMS, and IVR
  • Targeted on-statement messaging and onsert management for greater personalization
  • Self-serve administration and reporting through an intuitive client portal
  • All-in-one billing-to-payment for a seamless experience
Digital communication management solutions

Doxim CCM for Account Receivables Management

Document Generation     

Print & Mail

Digital Communications (PDF, HTML)

Enterprise Content Management (ECM)

Self-Serve Correspondence


Allow Doxim to enhance and deliver the following document types for your organization:

Model validation notices (initial demand)

NSF, PIF, SIF letters

Promise to Pay Communication

Tax Time Settlement offers

Complementary Resources

Digital communication solutions

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