About Doxim

For almost 20 years, Doxim has been focusing on helping banks, credit unions, wealth management firms and their service providers in North America to maximize customer engagement, optimize and digitize all the right moments along the customer journey. Working closely with financial institutions, we truly understand their needs, develop and evolve our solutions so they fit these needs perfectly and allow our clients to grow.

A Flexible Solution

The Doxim Customer Engagement Platform was specifically designed to address the evolving needs of financial services organizations. Our SaaS platform helps personalize client communications across all channels, increasing customer confidence, satisfaction, loyalty, and wallet share.

The Doxim Customer Engagement Platform allows organizations to start by solving a pressing customer engagement related business need and then expand from there, leveraging the modular design that allows individual components to be adopted in any order, and remain seamlessly integrated.

Hundreds of Customers and Partners

Consistently delivering excellent products, backed by top notch customer service before, during, and after the project launch, has helped Doxim to become a leading provider of customer engagement solutions for the financial services marketplace. Today, the Doxim Customer Engagement Platform is used by over 1,700 financial institutions that together service over 25 million end consumers.

Market Leadership

Doxim partners with banks, credit unions, and wealth management firms across North America, with a significant market share in both the United States and Canada, including over 80% of the credit union market and over 90% of the correspondent clearing firms in Canada.

We service the needs of our financial service customers from coast to coast, either directly or through close partnerships with market leading service providers such as MDT, Gilmore, Broadridge, CGI, League Data, and CUPS. And to facilitate these relationships, we’ve forged strategic partnerships and integrations with dozens of leading banking and brokerage platform providers.

Customer Satisfaction – First and Foremost

To ensure we are performing consistently to the standard our customers expect, we complete annual customer satisfaction surveys as well as customer satisfaction reviews after each customer project as well – with over 70% customer participation. We leverage the Net Promoter™ System for all survey activities, as we feel it’s the best methodology to truly gauge the long term satisfaction of our customers.