Deliver a Modern, Digital Customer Experience

Deliver a modern digital customer experience that is self-service & frictionless, while reducing your print & mail costs, lowering customer service calls & more

Deliver a Modern, Digital Customer Experience

"The new eStatement offering has been very well received by our membership. So far, we've achieved a 28% overall reduction in costs as a result of the program and we're not even at 25% adoption yet."

- Amy Gertsma, V.P. Information Services, Encompass Credit Union

Modernize your Customer Experience with Doxim CCM

Delight your customers with a modern, digital customer experience that is self-service and frictionless - while reducing your print & mail costs, lowering customer service call volumes and costs, and leveraging virtually limitless opportunities for targeted marketing and revenue generation.

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Digital Document Delivery

Provide a modern self-serve experience with on-demand access to information and control over engagement preferences.

Two-Way Business Messaging iconTwo-Way Business Messaging icon


Two-Way Business Messaging

Engage customers in timely 2-way conversations related to account information.

Interactive Experiences iconInteractive Experiences icon


Interactive Experiences

Simplify complex information with personalized engagement that responds to customer input.

Orchestrated Email Campaigns iconOrchestrated Email Campaigns icon


Orchestrated Email Campaigns

Deliver targeted email campaigns to segmented lists based on engagement insights.

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Digital Document Delivery

Reduce your print and mail costs and provide a modern self-serve experience with on-demand access to information and control over engagement preferences.

Doxim CCM equips you with digital documents and a customer portal that is fully branded and customized to your environment - delivering a one-stop shop for customers to access their information and engage with you.

  • On-demand, secure access to documents.
  • Self-serve control over account info & delivery preferences.
  • A modern portal experience that customers prefer.

On-Demand, Self-Serve

Securely share digital documents through a customer portal. Provide customers with on-demand access to documents and information - delivering the modern, contactless CX they desire. Manage account information and delivery preferences.

Rich, Interactive & Mobile Accessible Documents

Present documents in PDF or HTML format with rich information and dynamic, interactive content. Enable customers to access content anytime, anywhere using their preferred digital devices and smartphones.

Securely & Centrally Managed

Leverage a powerful, configurable, cloud-based archive to centralize your documents and ensure they are securely and easily accessible by customers (via customer portal) and staff (for customer support).


Leverage our built-in capabilities to ensure the customer portal and customer documents support assistive technology and deliver accessible content and navigation options for customers with disabilities.

Customer Notifications "Your Statement is Ready"

Notify your customers via email or SMS/text when a document is available in the customer portal and ready for viewing.

Image: Two way business messaging

Two-Way Business Messaging

Today's shift to digital is an entirely new mindset. It's a shift from managing individual customer communications to managing the entire customer experience (CX) - delivering frequent, personalized, interactive engagement and conversations. Doxim provides the latest future-facing technology for omnichannel engagement and true 2-way conversations.

  • Reduce fraud and theft with instant messages and 2-way engagement.
  • Increase customer satisfaction and reduce call center volumes with "in portal" messaging.
  • Enable contactless business transactions.

Instant, 2-Way Account Messages

Instantly message customers by email or SMS/text regarding account alerts (e.g., fraud alert) or to deliver account-level information. Enable customers to respond for instant 2-way engagement.

"In Portal" Customer Service Messaging

Increase customer satisfaction and reduce call center volumes with "in portal" messaging. Rapidly respond to enquiries customers send through the customer portal "Contact Us" page or in response to a 2-way digital business message.

Image: Doxim Interactive experiences

Interactive Experiences

Engage customers with hyper-personalized and interactive experiences that motivate action:

  • Securely deliver a wealth of rich information.
  • Respond 'on the fly' to customer input.
  • Provide the missing 'personal touch'.

Interactive Documents

When a customer portal is not ideal (e.g. for one-off or infrequent engagement), you can deliver the same personalized and interactive experience by email - direct to your customers inbox. The secure, interactive experience enclosed in the email attachment accelerates paperless adoption, reduces time-to-pay, and delivers the ultimate modern CX.

Personalized, Interactive Video

Interactive video provides the 'personal touch' needed to drive engagement, conversions, and revenue. The data-driven video follows a pre-set workflow to inject customer data, respond to customer choices, perform calculations, and deliver personalized outcomes.

Orchestrated Email Campaigns

Grow your sales and increase Customer Lifetime Value (CLV) with personalized, orchestrated email marketing campaigns to segmented lists. Deploy automated, multi-step, trigger-based campaigns that respond to customer actions.

  • Campaigns that intelligently respond to recipient behavior.
  • Build loyalty and strengthen your brand.
  • Increase your purchase volumes and Customer Lifetime Value (CLV).


Image: Doxim Orchestrated Email Campaigns