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How Communication Drives Digital Banking Transformation and Maximizes Customer Lifetime Value

What you'll learn

Date: Wednesday, April 28 at 2pm ET


The pre-pandemic customer is not the same customer that your financial institution is serving now. Their expectations in terms of service and engagement have changed significantly over the past year. We have also seen the acceleration existing digital communication trends, which are now proving to be more permanent.

The question is: are financial institutions leveraging current digital customer communication trends to drive Customer Lifetime Value and fast track their digital banking transformation efforts? Join this webinar with Jim Marous from The Financial Brand, Mia Papanicolaou and Elizabeth Stephen from Doxim to learn why banks and credit unions need to make digital banking transformation their number one priority and how digital customer communications form a key part of this transformation.

Key Takeaways:

  • Understanding key drivers of increased and expanded customer needs and expectations
  • Implementing micro-changes in your communications can make a meaningful impact on the banking customer experience
  • Creating “sticky” experiences can increase customer loyalty & wallet share
  • A comprehensive digital customer communication solution addresses the needs of banking customers and also creates a personalized experience at every touchpoint

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How to Achieve Maximum Security & Compliance During Digital Onboarding

What you'll learn

Self-Service Account & Loan Origination Without the Friction


With digital fraud at an all time high and an ever-evolving complex set of regulatory requirements, digital KYC and identity verification can become a challenging task for many financial institutions. The ability to execute digital onboarding and obtain an embedded AI based identity verification is critical to enhance the digital experience of your clients.

Join our webinar on April 7th as we bring together top security and ID verification experts to discuss what it takes to achieve maximum security and compliance without adding friction to your client’s digital origination journey.

Key Takeaways:

  • How to protect your FI from bad actors while meetings your digital revenue goals
  • Fintrac compliance requirements for KYC
  • What data is evaluated and verified for AML compliance
  • How to strengthen your security with device verification, bot analysis and advanced
  • AI based data correlation scoring
  • Leveraging machine learning and behavioral biometrics as part of fraud scoring models
  • How you can digitize a key step like ID verification

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Engage Customers with Data Driven Personalization and Targeted Messaging

What you'll learn

Now more than EVER utilities are under pressure to increase customer connections and synchronize communications. The effects of the COVID-19 pandemic have accelerated the need for utilities to level-up their customer communications. As your customers expect more from their utilities, how can you keep up?

The Solution:
Learn about Customer Communication Management (CCM) solutions that do the heavy lifting for you and seamlessly promote customer engagement. See firsthand how Fayetteville Public Works Commission leveraged their existing billing data during a bill redesign to rapidly increase customer connections and ROI.

Why Watch?
Understand how consumer and customer expectations for engagement have changed in 2021
Learn how a bill redesign can drastically improve your customer communications and customer satisfaction
See how to deliver personalized communications with the billing data that you already have

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Offering Truly Digital Origination: From Click to Customer in Five Minutes

Demo: Doxim Self-Service Account & Loan Origination

Date: February 25th 2021, 2:00 PM EST

Your customers have gone digital and they are not coming back. Has your financial institution kept up? Go digital in 2021 with Doxim Digital Origination and take account opening and loan origination to your customers’ doorstep.
Join us for a product deep dive webinar to see how you can make branchless banking a quick reality with the new Doxim Self-Service Account and Loan Origination modules. In this webinar our in-house customer engagement guru, Sean Kennelly, will showcase:

  • End-to-end self-service loan origination
  • Omnichannel workflows – how an application can start in one channel and seamlessly finish in another
  • How to recover and re-engage abandoned applications
  • How you can digitally communicate with your clients during the onboarding process via integrated SMS and email

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Don’t Delay Your Shift to Digital Communications: Objections, Benefits and Best Practices

What you'll learn

Date : February 24th, 2021 01:00 PM CT

During the last year, we’ve seen healthcare communications shift to digital platforms. While accelerated by necessity – enabling virtual and contactless patient engagement amidst a global pandemic – we are seeing benefits across the board:

  • A seamless, convenient experience that patients prefer
  • Security that keeps pace with regulations, boosting confidence in digital channels & fueling adoption
  • Accelerated time-to-pay / improved revenue cycles

Digital patient communications have become the standard. Join us for a conversation about digital communication benefits and learn some best practices for adoption and success.

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Virtual Launch: Take Banking Beyond the Branch

It’s time to move to a more digital, autonomous future and offer your consumers the experience they deserve with 24/7 banking from the comfort of their homes. We have just the right tool to make this a reality and complete your digital banking tech stack.

Join us on October 28th @ 2:00 PM EST as we launch Doxim’s New Self-Service Account & Loan Origination. See what makes this omnichannel, end-to-end paperless solution superior and how it can create a competitive advantage for your financial institution in the marketplace.

What you will learn about:

  • How to offer choice and convenience to your consumers by making omnichannel banking a reality
  • Must-have features to deliver an end-to-end digital experience that takes you from ID verification all the way to account funding.
  • What it takes to provide maximum compliance and fraud prevention without the friction
  • How to quickly re-engage abandoned applicants without using manual lists
  • Mistakes to avoid that can cost you digital conversions
  • How to leverage Doxim Self-Service origination to create low friction, digital-first journeys that significantly reduce digital abandonment rates

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How to Build a Framework for Omnichannel Customer Communications

It’s not easy to satisfy the demands of modern consumers who have high expectations and many choices. Your financial institution is expected to deliver communications to customers via their preferred channel, from print to digital, while supporting industry-specific regulatory requirements.

In an era where digital transformation is rapidly accelerating, leaders at financial institutions are prioritizing plans for customer experience. Like many institutions, your organization is considering or is already building out a strategy for omnichannel customer communications.

But where do you begin?

Join our panel of experts as we discuss how to lead these change imperatives at your own organization. What you will learn:

  • Why having a plan for digital transformation matters and how to begin this initiative
  • How to create a framework tailored to your organization’s individual needs
  • How to leverage customer communications management tools to deliver omnichannel personalized communications, which include business-critical documents.

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Change Your Payment Solution Without Impacting Your Customers

It can be tempting to “stick with what you know” because of the impact change brings to your utility and to your customers. How do you initiate changing your payment solution without impacting your customers? Louisville Water Company has learned firsthand why you need to take the extra time and planning to ensure customers are not negatively impacted during a change. However, the conversion experience was not easy – they were able to get a fresh start with their payment processing and also discovered issues that they may have never known about. Learn from Louisville Water’s conversion experience and how Utilitec supported them through their project management skills and post-go-live support.

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How to Communicate With Customers in a Digital Branchless Reality

2020 has radically reshaped customer behaviors and expectations. Banks and credit unions are scrambling to implement new strategies to increase customer loyalty and encourage repeat customers as more customers bank from home. Eager to know what works, and what doesn’t? Join Jim Marous and Doxim’s Olga Zakharenkava for a research-based primer on strategies that will move the needle for your organization.

What You’ll Learn:

  • Analysis of rapidly shifting trends in customer behavior and expectations
  • Insight and tips on providing exceptional CX without face-to-face interaction
  • A digital banking “reality check” on your digital readiness and the broader competitive landscape
  • Tools, strategies and technologies to prioritize to make branchless banking a reality, fast

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