Customer Engagement Management Platform

Customer Engagement Management Platform

Doxim’s CEM Platform enables organizations to transform legacy processes to digital interactions and engagement

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The way your clients expect to engage with your institution is changing from traditional, employee-assisted channels to on-demand channels. Transform the way you do business with our innovative customer engagement solutions.

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Customer Engagement Management Platform

It all begins with the core banking system, the hub of all financial institutions.  These systems are a treasure trove of data, but they don't do everything needed to fulfill a great customer experience.  That’s where Doxim comes in.

Doxim augments the core banking system with a suite of customer engagement solutions that span the customer lifecycle and are designed to effectively engage customers and create a more engaging customer journey and customer experience. From personalized welcome kits and statements, to targeted multi-channel marketing, Doxim takes every routine customer interaction and makes it more personal and more engaging to ensure a great customer experience.

Designed specifically for Financial Services Institutions, including wealth management firms, banks and credit unions, Doxim Customer Engagement Management Platform delivers a suite of integration solutions that span the customer lifecycle to create a more engaging customer experience. Integrated into your core banking system, Doxim CEM provides a modular software platform that enables organizations to start with a single solution but plug in others over time to create a comprehensive integrated suite.

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Account Opening & Client Onboarding

Automatically guide the account opening process, allowing your customer-facing teams to focus on building client relationships and uncovering sales and service opportunities, rather than shuffling forms and papers.


Doxim Loan Origination

Offers a superior customer experience with a paperless loan application process. The application includes integrated e-signing and leverages automated decisioning to speed loans to completion.


Doxim CRM

Helps you capture key customer data across multiple channels, as well as aggregate data from all your backoffice systems. Our Customer Relationship Management solution will help you better understand your existing clients, provide them with holistic financial advice, and target them with relevant products.


Doxim ECM

A cloud-based repository that manages your regulated customer documents securely and compliantly, but it was purpose-built to fuel a modern digital CX – enabling fast, easy ePresentment through seamless portal integrations.


Doxim Campaign Management

Helps you design and launch powerful, targeted campaigns and deliver them via your clients’ preferred communications channel. This includes placing campaign ads onto their statements, which enables upselling.


Doxim Statements & Reporting

Helps convert your statements from compliance documents to fully-fledged marketing vehicles; composed, processed, and delivered via your clients’ preferred channel.


Doxim Content Management

Provides archival, search, and retrieval for high-volume compliance documents such as bank and brokerage statements, trade confirmations, and tax forms. It enables easy and secure document access via online customer portals.


Doxim Business Analytics

Offers powerful data mining and smart analytics capabilities that help you plan effective and targeted campaigns by identifying trends in clients’ demographics
and behavior.