Doxim Customer Engagement Management (CEM) for Banks and Credit Unions

Customers adapt the digital solutions

Streamline Origination and Customer Engagement with Doxim Customer Engagement Management

As consumers adopt digital solutions at breakneck speed, financial institutions need to provide options for how those consumers open accounts and apply for loans.

Giving consumers the choice to engage through traditional in-branch or self-serve digital services will not only improve the customer experience, it will drive increased operational efficiencies – allowing your staff to focus on value-added activities that strengthen your profitability!

Learn more about our flexible and streamlined process for account opening, loan origination and customer relationship management.

Streamline account opening process

Account Opening

Streamline, accelerate and modernize your account opening processes.

Leverage our modules for in-branch or self-serve engagement, for retail or business customers.

Customer accessing loan application

Loan Origination

Digitize and automate the lending process, reduce errors, accelerate speed, while providing greater convenience for customers!

Financial institutions that are struggling with inefficient paper-based processes can explore our modules for retail or business customers.

Build relationship with customer

Customer Relationship
Management (CRM)

Build and maintain great relationships with new and existing customers.

Provide your staff with a 360 view of client information and give them efficient tools to manage engagements, referrals, opportunities, and conversations – all in one place.

Digital content management solution

Understanding Doxim Customer Engagement Management

Doxim Customer Engagement Management (CEM) is a suite of solutions purpose-built for community banks and credit unions – with modules for both in-branch and self-serve, for retail and business customers.

The modules in CEM enable the following processes:

  • Opening accounts
  • Originating loans
  • Managing customer information and documents

Why choose Doxim CEM?

Omnichannel Engagement

Engage consumers when and where they prefer – either in the branch or online through digital self-serve channels.

Connect and respond to applicants and customers using 2-way communication with a unified, consistent view for staff.

A Seamless Experience

Move seamlessly between retail and business workflows or between in-branch and self-service channels without gaps.

The consumer can even complete a portion of the process self-service, then switch to in branch, if assistance is needed, for seamless engagement.

Better Lending Decisions & Fraud Prevention

Gain instant verification while providing maximum fraud prevention and compliance.

Leverage readily available customer, business, and third-party data, and a robust decision engine.

Prevent Costly Errors & Reduce Risks

We’ve incorporated mandatory fields for regulatory questions, the intelligent reuse of data, and automated checks to ensure eSignatures are provided everywhere they are needed.

For audit purposes, maintain a record confirming background checks, risk assessments, and other required regulatory steps.

A 360 View of the Consumer

Gain access to complete information about your customers for improved service and profitability.

Using our CRM solution, quickly access a holistic view of your customer – including member, household, holdings, loan information and associated documents, in one place, for a true 360 view. Leverage predictive analytics for rich insights and engagement suggestions.

A Single Workflow

Address all your needs with a single, paperless, automated workflow.

Combine multiple individuals in a household and multiple loan products – all within a single application process to reduce the need to re-enter common data.

Core Integration Expertise

Pre-built, in-app integrations to third-party service providers, including core banking systems, with real-time data uploading.

You can rely on our expertise with data sources, structure, and core system integration.

Centralized Core Lending Services

Ability to create a cost-efficient and scalable base for growth, exposing core lending services that are centralized and shareable.

Compliance Excellence

With control over permissions and access, and up-to-date audit-logs accessible in real-time, financial institutions can always ensure compliance excellence.

Lenders and compliance officers never have to worry about missing data or paperwork with dynamic forms and the ability to drag and drop documents on each application screen.

Capabilities to Grow Your Business

Modules in the CEM platform integrate seamlessly with other Doxim products, so you can deepen your engagement, expand your services, and extract more value for your business.

  • Doxim ECM – Store and retain all key customer data and documents in a secure, cloud-based enterprise content management (ECM) repository for high-speed search, retrieval, and secure ePresentment.
  • Doxim DBM – Engage your customers by text/ SMS from within the application workflows using our Digital Business Messaging (DBM) solution.
  • Doxim EMM – Leverage customer information and insights to deliver orchestrated email marketing (EMM) campaigns to expand your business and grow your revenue.
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