Doxim CCM for Credit Unions

Elevate Your Member Experience

“Recognizing the changing nature of consumer engagement in financial services, Stride Credit Union had strategically re-positioned itself to review all areas of operations in an effort to intensely focus on an exceptional member experience… that’s when we uncovered how Doxim could solve more of our needs than we anticipated!”   — Stride Credit Union

Elevate member engagement to support members' financial needs

The goal of your credit union is to support your members’ financial needs at every stage of life.

Have you considered that your member communications are an essential touchpoint on the member journey and key for building strong relationships with them?

Doxim can help you elevate your member engagement and maximize customer lifetime value, while driving cost out of your business

Let’s discuss your credit union’s unique member communication needs…

Why Choose Doxim CCM for Credit Unions?

  • Simplified e-adoption for better engagement and lower costs
  • Modern, interactive engagement with HTML, and personalized interactive video
  • Targeted cross-sell campaigns through email marketing, marketing onserts, and member portal campaigns
  • Enterprise Content Management is your system of record to securely store, e-present, and push digital documents
  • Accessibility/ADA compliance built into every document
  • Self-serve administration and reporting through an intuitive client portal
  • Flat all-in pricing model to simplify administration
Digital solution

Doxim CCM for Credit Unions

Document Generation

Print & Mail

HTML Communications


Targeted, Personalized Onserts

Email Marketing

Enterprise Content Management (ECM)

Customer Experience Portal (CXP)

Secure Document Delivery (2FA)

Self-Serve Correspondence & Letters

Personalized, Interactive Video

Provide an Exceptional Member Experience!

Allow Doxim to enhance and deliver the following document types for your credit union:






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