Doxim CCM for Consumer Finance

Streamline Your Billing-To-Payment Experience

“With Doxim CCM solutions for print and digital statements, CUSO has significantly increased e-statement services adoption thanks to Doxim’s flexibility and the ability to integrate with a 3rd party payments solution.”— Chief Operations Officer, Credit Union Loan Source

Digital solution for communication management

Your organization needs to comply with stringent regulations, while streamlining bill-to-payment.

Doxim can support compliance with regulatory requirements, while delivering clear, compelling communications to accelerate payments.

Let’s discuss your organization’s unique customer communication needs…

Why Choose Doxim CCM for Consumer Finance?

  • A resilient network of world-class operations nationwide
  • Flexible omnichannel engagement in the customer’s channel of choice
  • Targeted on-statement messaging and onsert management
  • Modern, interactive engagement with HTML, 2-way notifications, and personalized interactive video
  • All-in-one billing-to-payment for seamless experience
  • Self-serve administration and reporting through an intuitive client portal
Omnichannel communication solution for consumer finance

Doxim CCM for Consumer Finance

Document Generation

Exception Handling

Print & Mail

HTML Communications

Targeted, Personalized Onserts

Enterprise Content Management (ECM)

Customer Experience Portal (CXP)

Personalized, Interactive Video


Allow Doxim to enhance and deliver the following document types for your organization:




Renewals Refinancing


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