Doxim CCM for Consumer Finance

Streamline Your Billing-To-Payment Experience, While Complying With Regulations

“With Doxim CCM solutions for print and digital statements, CUSO has significantly increased e-statement services adoption thanks to Doxim’s flexibility and the ability to integrate with a 3rd party payments solution.”— Chief Operations Officer, Credit Union Loan Source

Digital solution for communication management

Your organization needs to comply with stringent regulations, while streamlining bill-to-payment.

Doxim can help ensure compliance with regulatory requirements, while delivering clear, compelling communications to accelerate payments.

Let’s discuss your organization’s unique customer communication needs…

Why Choose Doxim CCM for Consumer Finance?

  • A resilient network of world-class operations nationwide
  • Flexible omnichannel engagement in the customer’s channel of choice
  • Targeted on-statement messaging and onsert management
  • Modern, interactive engagement with HTML, 2-way notifications, and personalized interactive video
  • All-in-one billing-to-payment for seamless experience
  • Self-serve administration and reporting through an intuitive client portal
Omnichannel communication solution for consumer finance

Doxim CCM for Consumer Finance

Document Generation

Exception Handling

Print & Mail

HTML Communications

Targeted, Personalized Onserts

Enterprise Content Management (ECM)

Customer Experience Portal (CXP)

Personalized, Interactive Video


Allow Doxim to enhance and deliver the following document types for your organization:




Renewals Refinancing


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