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Provide the Personal Touch – at Scale

Today, your health plan members use online channels for managing their claims, statements, and other account activities., when they have questions about their plan or coverage, they still prefer the ‘personal touch’. They want to reach out to a staff member with questions, but staffing is expensive, has capacity limitations, and cannot scale.

How can your healthcare organization provide members with personalized information without having to deal with staffing challenges? Modern technology can offer a perfectly scalable answer – personalized, interactive video. Healthcare organizations can leverage the power of video to create engaging, interactive content that cost-effectively keeps members informed and empowered, while maximizing ROI.

Video is an optimal way to engage patients and has evolved to incorporate personalization and interactive engagement.

Interactive, personalized video gets the attention of health plan members and is ideal for use across the customer journey to welcome and onboarding new members, deliver personalized policy illustrations, provide wellness education, and so much more!

Video visually engages patients and personalization is a powerful way to help your patients understand their healthcare communications

The Proof!


72% of customers prefer to watch a video rather than read text to learn about a product or service.


90% of customers who receive a personalized video report greater satisfaction with, and a better understanding of, that company’s products and services.

Managing workflow

Using a pre-defined workflow, video can:

  • Simplify complex information
  • Offer choices and selections
  • Gather input
  • Perform simple calculations
  • Change the flow based on viewer’s input
  • Direct viewers to contact your team

Furthermore, you can design the workflow to suit your needs and to augment tasks performed by your in-person team.

Learn how Doxim CCM Interactive Video can augment your operations, satisfy members, and boost your bottom line!

How are personalized, interactive videos created?

Videos are personalized in the same way an email or document is personalized. The individual’s data is inserted into a predefined workflow or template. This way, the video can address the recipient by name, provide information that is only relevant to that person, and take them on a customized journey.
Interactive capabilities let the viewer make selections to shape the flow of engagement—responding to questions, providing information (they can click a button or input data), and approving outcomes.

The end result is a highly personalized interaction tailored to the viewer’s specific needs and choices. This is the digital, on-demand experience that consumers desire – and it also delivers excellent benefits to your operations and your bottom line.

Personalized, interactive video benefits both members and payers

By using interactive, personalized videos to enhance member experience, you can count on the following benefits:

  • Augment customer service teams to reduce cost-per-service, while still providing a great CX
  • Guide the member on how to use other digital services, or connect with the appropriate service rep to resolve an issue before it escalates
  • Gather in-depth analytics on how members engage with the information in the video and use this information to refine future communications.
  • Get a measurable, improved return on investment (ROI) as you lessen the load on member services.

67% of customer churn is preventable if the issue is resolved at first touchpoint. Personalized, interactive videos proactively address churn triggers at every touchpoint.

$1 Call center services cost approx. $1/minute. In contrast, personalized, interactive videos cost-effectively scale digital customer service, providing personalized support and interactive elements for self-serve customer care

Doxim CCM clients can leverage personalized, interactive video technology to deliver engaging statements and communications

Doxim CCM leverages our client’s existing data to deliver personalized, interactive video experiences at scale. Unlike other bespoke and expensive solutions, Doxim CCM Interactive Video delivers low cost, 1:1 videos from a template that has proven to be effective and yielding maximum ROI.

The visual engagement and real-time interactivity made possible through video, provides the ‘personal touch’ that drives increased customer satisfaction, better engagement, and high conversion rates.

Doxim CCM Interactive Video is a must-have for any organization wanting to improve customer engagement.

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