Self-Service Account & Loan Origination

A truly end-to-end paperless solution that takes your prospects from click-to-customer in under 5 minutes

Self-Service Account & Loan Origination

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As consumers become increasingly accustomed to the “on-demand” culture from the likes of Netflix, Amazon and Uber, it’s only a matter of time before they demand it from their financial services provider.

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Consumers today want to choose how and when they interact with you. With Doxim Self-Service Account and Loan Origination, they can do just that.

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Credit unions and community banks know which way the wind is blowing. Today, more than 40% of banking customers indicate that they want to perform their banking entirely online, through digital channels.

Self-Service Origination Re-Imagined

Digital origination is not just a process but a journey. Therefore we’ve gone beyond the typical form fill and developed a completely digital solution that requires no manual intervention. From real-time ID verification and funding to eSignature and core banking integration – it’s all digital. Now you can give your customers immediate gratification by providing them instant approvals. Doxim Self-Service Account and Loan Origination modules have been designed to create low friction, digital first journeys that significantly reduce digital abandonment rates and create the wow moment for your customers.

Make omnichannel banking a reality

Make Omni-Channel Banking A Reality

Increasingly, consumer are shifting their loyalties to institutions who can provide instant service with seamless omnichannel experiences. Consumers today want to choose how and when they interact with you. With Doxim Self-Service Account and Loan Origination, they can do just that.

You can now offer your customers the convenience of banking 24/7, from the comfort of their homes, using the channel of their choice, whether it be online, mobile or in-branch. It doesn’t just stop there, with a direct integration into Doxim User-Assisted Account and Loan Origination, your FI can deliver a cross-channel consistent origination experience wherein customers have the flexibility to seamlessly switch between channels to complete an application.

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Ensure Compliance Without The Friction

Compliance does not mean sacrificing customer experience. Doxim’s Self-Service Account and Loan Origination solutions are designed to give you maximum amount of fraud protection and compliance without causing friction in the customer journey. Unlike many solutions in the marketplace which require manual intervention to ensure compliance and ID verification, Doxim leverages state-of-the art technology to provide instant verification.

We want compliance to be your competitive advantage and that’s why we’ve gone beyond the basics to mitigate risk for our clients. In addition to meeting strict regulatory compliance for all jurisdictions in Canada, Doxim performs an array of additional ID Verification safeguards to provide sophisticated data correlation scoring to ensure customer identity.

ensure compliance without the friction

Experience Accelerated Deposit & Loan Growth

Consumer preference for online account opening and lending is shifting in record numbers. Is your origination technology positioned to help your financial institution take advantage of this market share?

Expand your footprint beyond physical branch locations and capture new marketshare. Doxim Self-Service Account and Loan Origination equips your acquisition team to engage, action and convert web-traffic leads immediately, resulting in shorter lead-to-revenue times. And if leads happen to abandon an application, not to worry. The integration with Doxim User-Assisted Account and Loan Origination will capture lead details in real-time and automatically save them as a prospect for immediate follow-up. Once leads are converted, the direct integration with Doxim CRM ensures customers are effectively onboarded by automatically triggering an onboarding workflow.

Gain Operational Efficiency While Saving Costs

Liberate your IT and operations teams from data silos, fragmented technology and inconsistent rules across channels. Doxim Self-Service Account and Loan Origination integrates directly with Doxim’s Customer Engagement Platform (CRM, Account Opening, Loan Origination and ECM) enabling staff to create standardized processes and centrally manage all origination using consistent business rules across channels. Staff can also access customer, household, loan information and associate documents in a single place for a true 360 view of the customer.

Gain operation efficiency while saving cost

A Robust Self-Service Solution For All Your Digital Origination Needs

Icon: Originate loans and accounts in a single flow

Originate loans and accounts in a single flow

With both loan and account modules, consumers can originate any product type, from basic checking and savings accounts to loans or lines of credit

Icon: Real-time ID verification

Real-time ID verification

Digitally verify your client’s identity through multiple checks including photo id capture, document verification and facial biometrics.

Icon: Omnichannel support

Omnichannel support

Give customers the flexibility to seamlessly switch between their channel of choice (online, phone, or in branch) to complete an application by leveraging the direct integration to Doxim User-Assisted Account and Loan Origination.

Icon: Joint applications

Joint applications

Offer customers the convenience of submitting joint applications even while each applicant is remote from one another.

Icon: Multi-product support

Multi-product support

Supports shopping cart style product “vault” to select multiple FI products during a sing

Icon: Fraud prevention

Fraud prevention

Defend against fraud through Doxim’s unique social biometric processes which provide complex user scoring and user authentication analysis.

Icon: Real-time funding and approvals

Real-time funding and approvals

Customers can get instant approvals with straight through processing supported by core banking system integrations and can digitally fund their accounts through a variety of options including credit card, EFT and Interac.

Icon: Recover abandoned applications

Recover abandoned applications

Automatically feed abandoned or incomplete applications into recovery campaigns through Doxim CRM, to encourage prospects to complete their application or explore other products.

Icon: Account feature switching

Account feature switching (coming soon)

Customers can quickly transfer direct deposit and recurring payments so you can instantly become their primary financial institution.