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The Doxim Customer Engagement Platform helps financial institutions digitize their client experience, communicate more effectively throughout the client lifecycle and improve cross-sell and upsell activities to drive increased wallet share.

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Doxim e-Statements provided us with the best member service and staff convenience opportunities. We also liked the check imaging and ease with which they are added to the e-Statements – it was simply the logical choice to move to Doxim’s new e-Statement service.

All the Doxim staff we deal with are knowledgeable with a good understanding of their products and services and are always there to resolve any problems that might arise, quickly and efficiently

Our experience with Doxim has always been good. We are really happy with their ECM offering and believe it's a great solution that can meet the needs of any organization needing to securely and efficiently store and access client files.

We consistently received great service from Doxim and as a result, have recently expanded our relationship, adding more products and services from the Doxim portfolio

The Doxim ECM system has excellent uptime and it always available when we need to access it. All the Doxim staff are friendly and look after any questions we may have, promptly and courteously

The staff at Doxim are easy to work with, respond efficiently and effectively and consistently demonstrate that they really understand our business needs.

With this web-based system, there was no learning curve because the system highlights mandatory fields and automatically checks for errors. When we demo it to prospective advisors, they get excited about the technology. We regularly use it as a recruitment tool to attract new advisors!


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We expect that the metrics we are gathering at present following the Doxim CRM implementations will continue to show increases in speed and efficiency and, most importantly, improvements in member satisfaction, loyalty, and increases in wallet share.

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Many Members have commented about the new graphics in our statement messages. So it’s very apparent that our new graphics based ads have much more impact than plain text ones.

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Doxim committed to meet targets, and succeeded consistently. As an executive sponsor, I was very satisfied. In all areas Doxim met or exceeded expectations.

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