Doxim Launches Integrated Video Solution for the Doxim Customer Communications Management Platform

Doxim Acquires Georgia-Based Multichannel Solutions Provider, Direct Technologies, Inc. (DTI)

Doxim Launches Customer Communications Management (CCM) ROI Calculator

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The Business Case for a Comprehensive Customer Communications Management Platform. Driving ROI with a Comprehensive Customer Communication Management Platform.


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Need to save costs, generate new leads, improve brand awareness or enhance customer engagement? Get advice from our team of experts on how to align your customer communication plan with your key digital transformation drivers.


Make the Switch: One CCM Platform

Is your existing CCM vendor difficult to work with? Do they have too many modules, separate prices, and hidden upgrade costs? Make the switch – one communications platform, one price, any channel.



Utility Dive Playbook

Utilities that focus too much on using the latest technology to connect with customers may miss key opportunities to reach out to them in the one place they’re already paying attention - their monthly bill!

Discover the 5 risks utilities can’t afford to ignore in 2021 - get the playbook to learn more

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