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Bridge the Customer Experience (CX) Gap with Modern CCM Capabilities

“By offering this secure electronic document delivery option to our agents and policyholders, Striata (a Doxim Company) helps Chubb not only save costs, but also provides a more secure and faster way to deliver policies and communicate with customers. At the same time, the Chubb ePolicy service helps us cut down on paper and supports broader corporate initiatives to reduce impact on the environment.”— Business Project Manager, Chubb Insurance

Digital documentation

Insurance policies and plans are lengthy and complicated. They are costly to print and mail. You also need to lower your costs while leveraging your communications to strengthen relationships with customers and brokers.

Doxim makes it easy to shift from paper to digital and deliver communications that are highly personalized, interactive, and engaging, while controlling costs.

Let’s discuss your insurance organization’s unique customer communication needs…

Why Choose Doxim CCM for Insurance?

  • Experience supporting in-house operationsBCP/DR, overflow, outsource
  • A resilient network of print and mail operations nationwide
  • Flexible omnichannel engagement in the customers channel of choice
  • Self-serve administration and reporting through an intuitive client portal
Business team discussing print and mail solutions

Doxim CCM for Insurance

Document Generation/Composition

Print & Mail

Security & Compliance

Business Continuity

Digital Communications (PDF, HTML)

Digital Business Messages, Notifications

Secure Document Delivery (2FA)

Self-Serve Correspondence & Letters

Direct Marketing

Digital Transformation Consulting

Allow Doxim to enhance and deliver the following document types for your insurance organization:





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