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Reduce Omnichannel Complexity and Improve Engagement

“Thanks for successfully deploying the COVID template (for crisis messaging) at your end. On behalf of my team and Barclay’s Personal Finance, a massive thanks to you and to everyone involved who has made this possible for us.”— Campaign Manager, Barclays Personal Finance

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In today’s complex technology environment, it takes many pieces to create a seamless customer experience. Managing multiple vendors and disparate systems increases your complexity, risk, and costs.

Doxim provides an integrated, all-in-one platform and a single view of the customer. With one platform, at one price, with many channels, Doxim makes omnichannel engagement a reality.

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Why Choose Doxim CCM for Banks?

  • A single, comprehensive platform for omnichannel regulated communications
  • Resilient network of print and mail operations nationwide
  • Modern, interactive engagement with HTML and personalized interactive video
  • Targeted cross-sell campaigns through email marketing, marketing onserts, and customer portal campaigns
  • Enterprise Content Management is your system of record to securely store, e-present, and push digital documents
  • Self-serve administration and reporting through an intuitive client portal
Digital solution

Doxim CCM for Banks

Document Generation/Composition

Print & Mail

HTML Communications


Targeted, Personalized Onserts

Enterprise Content Management (ECM)

Customer Experience Portal (CXP)

Secure Document Delivery (2FA)

Self-Serve Correspondence & Letters

Personalized, Interactive Video

Direct Marketing

Allow Doxim to Enhance and Deliver the Following Document Types for Your Bank:






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