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"By implementing multi-account profiles with Doxim, we increased online payment adoption by 35%"

Choice & Convenience For Your Customers. Savings & Efficiencies For You

Create a frictionless bill-to-payment experience for your customers with Doxim as your single end-to-end billing and payment vendor. Our EBPP solution is designed with both customers and staff in mind. We are committed to providing your customers with the optimal billing experience through our modern, intuitive, and omnichannel solution, while helping you reduce your cost per transaction.  

At Doxim, we understand the challenges of reconciliation, that's why our integrated payment channels not only enable your customers to pay bills quickly through their channel of choice but also mitigate the operational burden on your staff by streamlining the collections and reporting process.

Doxim Payment Platform on screens

Doxim Payment

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All The Features You Need In A Single Integrated Solution


  • Icon: WebWeb
  • Icon: AutoPayAutoPay
  • Icon: Pay by EmailPay by Email
  • Icon: Retail Authorized AgentRetail Authorized Agent
  • Icon: Walk-in Utility POSWalk-in Utility POS
  • Icon: MobileMobile
  • Icon: KioskKiosk
  • Icon: eLockboxeLockbox
  • Icon: Pay by TextPay by Text
  • Icon: Pay by Phone IVRPay by Phone IVR

Easy To Use Portal

  • Icon: 360° Account View & Management360° Account View & Management
  • Icon: Mobile First DesignMobile First Design
  • Icon: Biller Branded CSSBiller Branded CSS
  • Icon: ADA CompliantADA Compliant
  • Icon: Multi-LanguageMulti-Language

Secure Processing

  • Icon: Credit / DebitCredit / Debit
  • Icon: Digital WalletDigital Wallet
  • Icon: Charitable DonationsCharitable Donations
  • Icon: 1x, Scheduled & Recurring Payments1x, Scheduled & Recurring Payments
  • Icon: CashCash
  • Icon: eCheck / ACHeCheck / ACH
  • Icon: Real Time AuthenticationReal Time Authentication
  • Icon: Automated Monitoring & AlertsAutomated Monitoring & Alerts

Advanced Reporting & Reconciliation

  • Icon: Transaction ReportingTransaction Reporting
  • Icon: Reconciliation ReportingReconciliation Reporting
  • Icon: On Demand Scheduled ReportsOn Demand Scheduled Reports (Coming soon)
  • Icon: Returns ManagementReturns Management
  • Icon: Real Time PostingReal Time Posting

Benefits For You And Your Customers

Icon: Improve Customer Experience

Improve Customer Experience

Icon: Decrease Cost

Decrease Cost

Icon: Collect funds

Collect Funds Faster

Icon: Improve the reconciliation Process

Improve the Reconciliation Process

Icon: Reduced call volumes and lobby traffic

Reduced Call Volumes and Lobby Traffic

Icon: Great Operational

Greater Operational Efficiency

Accelerate Time-to-Revenue While Lowering Costs

Doxim Payment is designed to help you drive e-adoption so you can lower your cost per transaction and accelerate remittance. Our best-in-class, mobile first payment interface makes converting customers to digital channels a breeze and for those more reluctant, our industry experts will advise you on enrollment strategies that are sure to get results.

Missed or late payments will be a thing of the past with Doxim Payment. Through our digital channels, customers can:

  • Choose one-time, recurring or AutoPay options
  • Get real-time notifications
  • Setup proactive payment reminders and alerts of due dates
Accelerate tie to revenue through digital channel
Offer A Frictionless Experience With Anytime, Anywhere, Any Channel Payment

Offer A Frictionless Experience With Anytime, Anywhere, Any Channel Payment

Customer expectations are being rapidly shaped by big tech firms and as a result, your customers want their payment experience to be quick, convenient and take as little effort as possible. They also want options on when, where, and how they pay their bills. More importantly, your customers want the ability to move seamlessly between payment channels and methods as their needs and preferences change.

Often times, billing and payment is your only regular interaction with customers, so it's important to provide them with a customer-centric payment experience that removes any unnecessary obstacles and stress from the payment journey. Our platform offers an omnichannel solution that enables your customers to choose from many self-service and biller-assisted channels. Your customers can also select multiple funding sources according to their preferences, whether it's digital wallets, credit or debit cards, ACH, cash or check.

Penny-to-Penny Reconciliation and Advanced Payment Reporting

Say good-bye to manual reconciliation processes that eat up days of your billing team's time. Doxim streamlines the reconciliation process by consolidating payments through a single source for reporting and funding, providing your billers with a single view of all payments, regardless of channel. With real-time payment posting to your CIS and advanced reporting on the full payment lifecycle from authorization through funding, Doxim Payment ensures to-the-penny reconciliation, saving your treasury and billing teams both time and effort.

All the billing reports at your fingertips:

  • Consolidated Transaction reports
  • Settlement reports
  • AutoPay Management report
  • And more…
Doxim Payment platform on laptop screen
Configurable payment solution

Configurable Payment Solution That Delivers Personalized Experiences While Mitigating Costs

We understand that every organization and the customer base it serves is unique. Therefore, we've designed and developed our interface with maximum configurability in mind. With Doxim Payment, you can deliver a consistent branded, yet personalized user experience across all channels, while offering configurable options to simplify implementation, maintenance, messaging, and ongoing support.

It doesn't just stop there; our fully configurable and customizable absorbed and convenience fee models enable you to mitigate costs while creating customized payment mix that best suits the needs of your customers. Configure fees based on ticket amount, payment method, or account type and only pass along costs to customers based on their payment preferences.

Rest Assured With The Industry's Most Secure Payment Platform

When it comes to data and security, Doxim holds itself accountable to the highest standards. Regardless of the electronic payment method you chose, Doxim's PCI Level 1 and SOC 2 compliant platform ensures you can manage them easily and securely. Our secure payment gateway is made to work optimally for your customers and your business, giving both the confidence that debit card, credit card, and bank data is protected throughout the process of tokenization.

In addition to upholding to bank level security and compliance, virtually every aspect of our infrastructure contains several levels of redundancy and backup, using state-of-the-art technology.


PCI data security standard amd AICPA SOC

"Since implementing our Self-Service Portal powered by Doxim, we have increased online payment adoption by 35%."


- Customer Service Manager, Municipal Water Utility 

Self-Service Portals with Integrated Controls Right At Your Fingertips

Put the power in the hands of your staff and customers. Reduce call volumes as well as customer and staff frustration by arming them with the right information, tools, and controls when they need it most with our biller and customer self-service portals.

Biller Portal

  • 360° view of customer account
  • Assist customers in making payments, enroll them in paperless, or set-up AutoPay
  • Analyze payment metrics
  • Review payment history
  • Manage transaction volume across channels through a single interface

Customer Portal

  • Biller branded portal for a seamless customer experience
  • View complete bill and payment history
  • Control user preferences such as delivery and notification methods
  • Enroll in AutoPay or pay-by-text
  • Set-up personalized wallet
  • Multi-language & ADA compliant

Single Bill Delivery & Payment Vendor

Simplify and reduce the number of integrations and partnerships, thus creating a seamless customer experience

Flexible & Integrated Solution

Configure a payment solution that best suits your business and customer needs

Exceptional Customer Service

A dedicated support and CSM team that knows your industry

Unmatched, Flexible Pricing

Pricing strategy driven by reducing operational costs

Proven Track Record

Certified team with experience in migrating and implementing customers on time, every time