Meeting Modern Demands: Amplify Member Engagement with Mobile-First Statements 

by | Feb 22, 2024

Times Have Changed

Mobile devices have changed how people consume and engage with content—they can access information instantly, day or night! And with retail and technology leaders providing timely, mobile-first communications and engagement, your members now expect the same from you.  

The time to adapt is now. 

By providing responsive and dynamic mobile statements, it’s possible to meet and exceed your members’ expectations for relevant and timely mobile-first engagement. 

What are today’s best practices for mobile-first statements? We’ve got everything you need to know (and more) in our latest playbook.

Format for a Dynamic Design 

Like all mobile-first communications, member statements must render perfectly on a small screen, automatically adapt to larger screens, and work seamlessly with different operating systems. So, for members who wish to view their statements on their mobile devices, they need a responsive, dynamic format, like HTML. 

HTML renders information beautifully and can link to other web pages with more information, educational resources, or video content.  

The results? A dynamic, mobile-first opportunity for member engagement, which, when implemented just right, can also reduce your costs and increase your bottom line. 

Provide Convenience with Direct Access 

Mobile-first engagement is all about convenience, and members can be left frustrated if they’re required to log in to multiple systems to view their statements.  

Providing a single sign-on (SSO) experience between your online member portal and a statement portal delivers convenience, loyalty, and a seamless, mobile-first experience. With SSO, members can access fully branded statements and even update account information using their mobile devices.  

It’s also a great idea to give members secure direct access to their statements by SMS or email, which provides convenient access to information anytime, anywhere, lowers calls to support, and reduces communication pain points.  

Personalize Your Marketing Efforts  

In addition to using a mobile-first dynamic format and providing on-demand access to information through an intuitive statement portal, you can also present your members with targeted marketing messages. These images can be selected based on the member’s segment or other personal information in the data file and can increase personalization while driving revenue and wallet share. 

Member Statements: Amplified 

A mobile-first approach is crucial to competing in today’s digitally focused market. The key to success lies in your ability to adapt mobile statements in ways that amplify member engagement.  

With a dynamic format like HTML, direct access to member statements through an intuitive statement portal, and the inclusion of personalized marketing messages, you’ll amplify your member engagement and drive revenue with personalized, timely, and relevant communications.  

Do you have questions about using mobile-first member statements to boost engagement? Reach out today to speak with one of our industry-leading experts! 

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