Hidden in Plain Sight: The Many Benefits of Statement Marketing Campaigns 

by | Jun 26, 2024

How Statement Marketing Campaigns Grow Wallet Share in Financial Services 

Today’s customers are bombarded with marketing messages every single day, with few getting noticed or even remembered. So, what’s the best way to market to existing customers and grow wallet share? 

By including marketing messages within your regulatory communications and statements – documents that get read and re-read – you can cut through the clutter. 

Here’s how. 

Leverage What You Have  

Since sending statements to your customers is mandatory, why not use them to your advantage? There’s no need to send individual marketing pieces when whitespace on your statements will do the trick. 

With the right solution, placing marketing images directly on statements or including them as inserts is easy. And because 95% of customers will open their statements, and 85% will read their statements more than once (2019, Doxim Survey), your statement campaigns will get noticed. In fact, some clients have seen 18% of their customers add a new product or service after a statement marketing campaign.  

Target Customers to Grow Wallet Share  

Statement marketing campaigns are powerful tools for influencing your customers to sign-up for or invest in new products and services.  

And you have plenty of methods to choose from when communicating your integrated marketing campaigns to existing customers. You can communicate your campaign through inserts, by placing marketing images within whitespace on the statement body (onserts), within whitespace on digital email notifications, or within a customer portal. Email marketing campaigns can deliver beautifully crafted communications that fill a larger footprint. And you can also use interactive videos to provide statement information with intentional upsell advertisements. Best of all, these communications can be targeted to customers based on segmentation data – ensuring your message is relevant, compelling, and generates results.  

Do you want to learn more about how statement marketing campaigns drive revenue in financial services? Read this playbook: Land and Expand with Statement Marketing Campaigns that Drive Revenue and Wallet Share. 

Appeal to the Modern Customer  

The modern customer has diverse wants and needs, including how they prefer to be reached. When you use statements for your marketing campaigns and employ different methods to get the message into your customer’s hands, you need to ensure you’re reaching them through their preferred channel.  

To truly drive revenue and grow wallet share, it’s crucial that the targeted statement marketing campaigns are clear, compelling, and are delivered in their channel of choice. 

The hidden benefit here is that customers who access these communications at the time and place they are most comfortable are much more likely to purchase additional services.   

How to Get Started 

It can be challenging to evaluate different ways to include marketing campaigns in your regulatory communications, and that’s why many banks turn to partners like Doxim.  

By examining your current processes, evaluating your goals, and seeking help from an experienced partner, you can, too, can take advantage of the hidden benefits of statement marketing campaigns that drive revenue and grow wallet share.  

If you want to know more about Doxim and our marketing solutions, one of our leading-industry experts would be happy to chat. Contact us today for a consultation!

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