Save with eDelivery

In an effort to provide a higher level of customer service and convenience, while reducing the costs associated with printing and mailing statements, many financial service providers have turned to online banking and electronic statements to provide customers with a convenient way to check their accounts and do business.

The Easiest Way to Provide Online Statement Access For Your Customers

Doxim eStatements are designed for organizations that want to convert their existing print statements into an electronic format for staff to access on line and customers to access through their web banking portal.

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It Only Takes 20%

If an organization can achieve customer opt-in for eDelivery only on just 20% of the statements it produces each month, an e-Statements initiative pays for itself. As more customers opt in to eStatements only, these savings increase further. Doxim’s clients enjoy average opt-in rates of 55%, with some achieving greater than 95%.

Increased Staff Productivity Too

Paper-based processes are inherently inefficient and documents are easily lost or misplaced, meaning employees, on average, will spend 25 hours per month looking for or reproducing documents. By deploying Doxim eStatements staff productivity can be increased dramatically.

“Our members love the flexibility and convenience of e-Statement, and we love it because it saves us money.” Barb Restagno, Education Credit Union

With Doxim eStatements, you are able to:

Improve customer convenience and access to statements by:
• Delivering electronic statements in a format familiar to the customer
• Allowing customers to securely view, download and print their own statements
• Providing a more convenient method to check current and past account statements
• Providing access to statements as far back as seven years
Improve performance and use fewer resources by:
• Making it easy for staff to locate and retrieve account statements
• Ensuring employees can respond to customer inquiries by consulting an exact image of the statement without having to sort through print records
• Handling customer service calls in one step, without having to follow up after the appropriate record has been located
Reduce costs associated with:
• Print and mail
• Transportation
• Storage
• Resourcing

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