Doxim Business Continuity Solution

Your Print & Mail Backup Plan: Be Prepared for the Unexpected

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A Reliable Business Continuity Solution

Any delays in the delivery of business critical documents and communications can severely impact your revenue cycle management, reputation, and regulatory compliance.

What you need is a back-up plan with a quick-start process that defines, integrates, and fulfills a portion of your communications, delivering instant ROI and ensuring seamless customer service.

Prepare for the unexpected with a reliable print and mail back up plan

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Doxim Business Continuity Solution

  • Start delivering a percentage of your total print volume today with Doxim to ensure set up is completed before a disaster occurs. Leverage our expertise in print contingency planning from our implementation, customer success, and support teams
  • Doxim offers this contingency solution across its network of print facilities, nationwide
  • We can work with you to set up critical communications immediately

How Can Your Organization Benefit From Doxim Business Continuity?

Reduce operational risk by having a backup plan and a reliable partner

Avoid revenue cycle disruption and regulatory penalties

Respond rapidly to a sudden crisis or impact

Maintain a strong reputation for customer service and satisfaction

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Why choose Doxim?

  • State-of-the-art print facilities
  • Data and composition expertise
  • Easy transition from print to e-presentment and delivery
  • Infrastructure certified by 3rd party auditors
  • Digital-first technology provider and print expert for 20+ years
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