Revolutionizing Customer Communications with Advanced Software and Self-Serve Administration 

by | Mar 13, 2024

In today’s digital age, relevant customer communication is more critical than ever. It’s not just about sending messages; it’s about engaging customers in ways that enhance their experience with your brand. So, how can companies stay in the sweet spot where they produce personalized and engaging communications without expending vast amounts of resources to meet modern digital expectations? More and more companies have started outsourcing their communications production to improve the quality of their communications as well as generate cost savings by reducing the need to hire employees for high-turnover positions (The State of CCM-CXM Transformation, Aspire, 2022 ).
Revolutionizing Customer Communications with Advanced Software and Self-Serve Administration

Market research has also shown that since the COVID-19 pandemic, employees who manage the customer communications for their firm want to work remotely with easy-to-operate capabilities and a friendly interface (Aspire, 2023). When staff are empowered with convenient self-serve tools and insights to manage the generation and delivery of their clients’ transactional communications, it leads to less frustration, faster edits, more flexibility, and time saved. In addition to better satisfaction from the employees, customer satisfaction also increases.

“When a bill or statement is better written, more engaging, and part of a broader, ongoing and more personalized interaction, customers make payments faster and place fewer calls to a customer support line.” – Aspire, 2023 

Take Control of Your E-Statement Templates

One of the key features of an advanced customer communications platform is self-serve capabilities which allow communication teams to take control of their e-statement templates. They can make changes quickly and efficiently, without the delays often associated with traditional vendor-dependent processes. This level of agility is crucial in today’s fast-paced business environment, where the ability to respond to customer needs and market changes can make all the difference. 

But an advanced communications platform offers more than just convenience. Due to the increased demand for great digital experiences, utilizing interactive elements in your statements and bills has become the new strategy for companies. Interactive HTML elements, relevant charts and diagrams, and personalized videos can make statements and bills more visually appealing, informative, and engaging, leading to greater customer satisfaction.  

Future-Proof Your Communications

As the world becomes exponentially more digital, now is the time for companies to migrate their legacy systems to a modern platform that improves employee and customer satisfaction. According to The State of CCM-CXM Transformation, Aspire, 2022, 84% of companies are currently migrating, or planning to migrate, to modern customer communication software.

So, companies that now find it difficult to retain their customers, or have challenges with their communication production costs, should look for solutions that can future-proof their communications. It’s crucial not to fall behind the experience curve. It’s time to move forward and streamline your communications for a stronger brand image, better customer satisfaction, increased customer loyalty, and the ability to meet the customers’ evolving needs.

Photo of Harry Zhao

Harry Zhao

As a Doxim business development representative, Harry educates financial institutions on the benefits of developing an enhanced communications strategy and raises awareness of the current communication challenges institutions may face when scaling. He is passionate about improving customer experience, driving operation effectiveness, and reducing costs for financial institutions through digital strategies.

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