The Critical Role Mobile-First Statements Play in a Seamless CX 

by | Feb 29, 2024

Using Mobile Statements to Improve the CX

Today’s digital landscape has changed the way customers interact with their banks. Customers expect access to their statements and communications anytime, anywhere, which means banks must now adapt – ensuring these documents are included seamlessly within today’s modern, mobile-first banking experience.  

But why is getting mobile statements exactly right so crucial to a seamless CX?  

Well, when you deliver your statements in your customer’s preferred channel, on the device in their purse or pocket, and provide a convenient single sign-on (SSO) experience and instant access to personalized information, you can significantly increase customer engagement, satisfaction, and loyalty.  

What are today’s best practices for mobile-first statements? We’ve got everything you need to know (and more) in our latest playbook.

Format Your Mobile Bank Statements with HTML 

A mobile bank statement can influence how your customer engages with their finances. But producing this critical document in the right format is crucial to a seamless and engaging customer experience.  

HTML is the perfect format for mobile devices and provides the modern experience your customers expect. HTML documents are optimized for mobile responsiveness and can include rich, highly engaging information. You can include charts and videos and can link to other landing pages or educational resources.  

A Convenient Customer Experience 

Multiple login points can become painful roadblocks, and mobile-first users want a seamless experience from start to finish. They don’t want to log in multiple times to view something as crucial as their bank statements. Providing Single Sign-On (SSO) between your online banking portal and statement portal is the perfect way to ensure a seamless customer experience. 

To take the CX a step further, it’s also possible to give customers direct access to their statements by email or SMS with a convenient, secure one-time password (OTP).  

A Personalized Approach 

Engagement in banking means giving customers personalized and relevant account information when and where they want it so that they continue to interact with your brand while on the go. Mobile bank statements are no exception.  

So, “when” and “which” notifications customers opt to receive is another crucial aspect of seamless CX. For example, customers can choose to receive a notification when statements are ready to view on the channel of their choice, either by email or SMS. And a personalized approach to mobile statements doesn’t stop there. You can also create a seamless support experience with these digital notifications by allowing customers to respond for 2-way engagement.  

Mobile Statements: A Powerful CX Tool 

When you leverage your customers’ mobile devices to provide on-demand access to important financial information and engagement, you are rewarded with increased customer satisfaction and loyalty. That’s why mobile bank statements are critical to a seamless CX as they provide the right format for a convenient customer experience while leveraging a personalized approach.   

Want to know how to leverage your mobile-first banking statements for a seamless CX? Contact one of our CCM experts today!

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