Secure Communications

Secure Communications

Managing security and compliance for enterprise communications


"A" Rated by Security Scorecard

The promise of security you provide to your customers - is our promise too. At Doxim, we take our responsibility to protect our clients’ sensitive information very seriously.

That’s why all Doxim’s SaaS solutions are housed in state-of-the art data centres with built-in redundancy and high availability. Reduce your operational burden and hardware costs and ensure business continuity in the event of an emergency by selecting Doxim’s scalable, flexible SaaS-based solutions.

Doxim is proud to publish our "A" verified security rating by Security Scorecard, a third party assessment of our security posture.  Doxim ranked top across all criteria aligned with requirements and exceeding industry standards. Visibility and transparency is critical with trusted vendors, thats why Doxim hosts a public profile where our customers can follow and be alerted if there are any changes to our security posture.

Focus on business growth, knowing we’ll take care of the rest.



Secure Data Centres Across North America

Application-Level Security

Penetration & Vulnerability Testing

Data Residency Compliance

Disaster Recovery & Redundancy

Data Availability and Security

Third-Party Auditing

Business Continuity

Continuous Monitoring

External Testing

Automated Internal Scans

Change Management Controls