Statement Design Services

Attractive, Easy To Read Statements For Your Customers

Many organizations create basic printed statements using the data coming directly from their core processing systems. While this is perhaps sufficient to produce a simple paper statement, today’s discerning customers expect more. They want an easy to read, attractive statement that looks the same in print or online; all from a reliable yet flexible statement design service like Doxim’s Better Looking Statements.

Enhancing the Customer Experience

Doxim’s unique statement composition process converts difficult to read, unattractive print outs into attractive, easy to read statements complete with targeted marketing messages and a custom, look and feel that faithfully respects organizational branding guidelines.

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Personalized Templates

Doxim offers an array of flexible statement templates that can be customized to create statements that support virtually any design, and adhere to statement best practice standards.

Accurate, High Quality Statements with Check Images

Check image statements ensure businesses can continue to make checks available to their customers. Doxim’s unique statement composition process uses extensive matching and logic to help maintain data integrity and to produce check image statements with a high degree of accuracy.

Statement Based Marketing

The Doxim statement composition process allows organizations to place targeted marketing messages directly on the statement. We like to call it ‘Statement Based Marketing’. These messages can include rich text and images to ensure marketing campaigns are integrated effectively across all media. Statement based marketing also allows organizations to eliminate the use of printed marketing inserts, if desired, resulting in significant cost savings.

Doxim’s sophisticated statement composition process enables organizations to:

Enhance their customer experience by:
• Delivering great looking, easy to read statements
• Adhering to regulatory compliance standards and providing statements with a high level of accuracy
Communicate more effectively with customers by:
• Placing branded ads directly on the statement for increased effectiveness and cost savings
• Including marketing messages that have the same look and feel as web campaigns
• Adding targeted marketing messages to statements, directed at specific demographics


By combining the enhanced statement designs with Doxim e-Statements, Organizations can also:

Improve performance and use fewer resources by:
• Making it easy for staff to locate and retrieve account statements
• Ensuring employees can respond quickly to customer inquiries by consulting an exact image of the statement online
• Handling customer service calls in one step, without having to follow up once the appropriate record has been located
Reduce costs associated with:
• Printing
• Letter shop and mailing
• Transportation
• Storage
• Resourcing

         Credit Union Statement Sample                    Wealth Management Statement Sample

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