Print Services

Document Processing and Distribution Services

Doxim’s Secure Print Service responds to market demand from financial service providers for an integrated end-to-end solution and statement printing service to help manage the production and delivery of regulatory documents and related communications. The service helps our clients ensure that all statement printing requirements and regulatory client communications are delivered securely, accurately and on-time all in one convenient solution.

Secure-Print is an integrated service comprising:

  • Data conversion and optimization
  • High speed print and electronic document production
  • Collateral inserting
  • Black & white or colour printing
  • Differential bundling and house-holding
  • Distribution logistics and hold mail services
  • Secure processing environment

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Document Processing services include:

Data Conversion and Optimization

Doxim ingests client system data and converts it for downstream document processing (typically into a flexible XML data format). The print data stream is then optimized for the most efficient document output, in both print and electronic formats.

Data Insertion and Data Merging

Data insertion allows a supplementary data stream with a common data element (e.g. account number) to be added to the statement data stream before processing. (EG: to add a MasterCard Airmiles points balance directly to a bank statement)

Data Merging allows two separate print streams with a common data element to be merged together post processing, pre-printing/ output. (E.g. to merge a year-end Bonus share certificate with a December statement so that they can be mailed out together.)

Differential Bundling and House-holding

Doxim’s statement processing service supports house-holding, allowing multiple printed statements to be sent out in one envelope. However, the online versions don’t need to be delivered in the same format. They can potentially be bundled and uploaded differently, based on customer preferences. E.g. They could be put into the online archive as three separate statements, accessed through three different account views, or consolidated into one single PDF document before upload.

Secure Data Processing Environment

Doxim’s secure data-center facilities provide your organization with the assurance of secure management of all confidential client data in a fully secure, controlled access environment. Site security features include closed-circuit facilities monitoring, audit logs of all site access via electronic key cards and 24/7 real-time video archiving.

The Doxim Secure-Print™ network environment allows our clients to transmit data from their information systems directly to our platform independent servers. Work flow specialists reduce the risk of error by managing the work flow process from print-stream to distribution system.

Some of our services include:

High Speed Print And Electronic Document Production

Printing and colour digital rendering services for monthly account statements, checks, daily confirms, tax information slips and all compliance document processing. Your business rules and customer requirements define how your own solution is customized and the related service levels we provide are guaranteed.

Collateral Inserting Solutions

Doxim can provide optional inserting services, designed to drive more cost effective, targeted, selective marketing communications by specified client profile using high-speed intelligent document or brochure insertion. Doxim also offers advanced data merge solutions to provide enhanced insertion services, including:

In-line Inserts/Newsletters

Print your inserts and newsletters in-line with statement itself, making them an integral part of paper statements that are delivered by mail. This saves money, by avoiding the need to print, distribute, fold and insert these documents as separate items along with the printed statement.

Black and White or Colour Printing

Doxim has a full service offering for black & white output, but we also do colour! When you drive as little as 40% print statement opt-out, you can release the funds you need to switch to full colour output for your monthly statements. This improves your brand image enormously, makes statement based ads really pop out of the page and are really appreciated by your customers.

Distribution Logistics & Hold Mail Services

Secure postal station delivery and mailing services via CanadaPost® and USMail® are a core part of our service level offering. Optional hold mail services are also available for daily statement or confirm pulls and direct delivery can also be made to key front or back office personnel.

The benefits of print services include:

  • Customization of documents as defined by business rules and customer requirements; you can decide how you want your solution customized along with related service levels Doxim provides
  • Advanced data merge solutions and inserting services to drive more cost-effective, targeted, and selective marketing communications
  • Improve brand image and make statement-based ads pop – customers will appreciate this, both in print and electronic formats
  • Accurate and timely delivery of client communications that comply with all statement printing requirements

To find out more about our printing services, please Contact us.