Business Process Management for Financial Service Providers

Doxim’s OpenAdvantage helps Financial Service providers streamline their businesses by bringing critical business processes online. It’s a flexible platform that can be adapted for multiple lines of business with multiple business needs – from client on-boarding and internal process workflows to account management and maintenance.

Any paper-based process that involves data collection and validation, workflow and even signing can be quickly and easily transformed into an elegant, online process that does away with paper, significantly speeds up the end to end activity, ensures accuracy through embedded business rules and drives significant cost savings.

Whether you simply want to automate some manual, forms-based internal processes, or create a full blown, end to end, automated client on-boarding solution, with full back office integration and embedded cross-sell up-sell functionality, OpenAdvantage® can accommodate your needs.

Forms, Custom Questionnaires or Both – You Choose

OpenAdvantage® addresses a continuum of business needs. It allows you to get up and running quickly with a full online solution for existing forms-based processes, and then evolve this solution over time as your business needs dictate.

Whether you go for simple but intelligent PDF forms or a full HTML custom questionnaire, OpenAdvantage® can provide full bi-directional integration with all your back office systems, ensuring that all the data captured is in the right place. In addition, OpenAdvantage® can store this data too, making it fully searchable, reportable, and actionable. The OpenAdvantage® dashboard then permits users to check on the status of their data in real-time. This allows you to detect bottlenecks in your processes and tweak them for greater operational efficiency.

Other capabilities and benefits of the OpenAdvantage® platform include:

  • The flexibility to choose between SaaS or “Behind My Firewall” implementation
  • Client configurable/reconfigurable , so you don’t have to pay for custom coding for each regulatory change – easily accommodate FATCA, Dodd Frank, CRM rule changes, etc.
  • A scalable platform that transitions seamlessly from a smaller line of business implementation to broader enterprise requirements/implementations
  • The right solution to address both Advisor facilitated and online sales and up-selling
  • Support for document level security and version control via embedded barcodes

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