Why Aspire Sees Doxim as a Customer Communications Management Leader

by | Mar 16, 2023

Aspire Places Doxim in The Leader Quadrant in Two Segments of Its Prestigious Industry Leaderboard

Why Aspire Sees Doxim as a Customer Communications Management Leader

The Doxim team are proud to announce that our company has been recognized as a Customer Communications Management Leader by Aspire, a leading consulting firm specializing in the Customer Communications Management (CCM) industry – we were placed in the Leader quadrant in two segments of its prestigious industry leaderboard. You can read our press release about this accomplishment here.

As part of the leaderboard creation process, companies were ranked according to Aspire’s independent analysis and positioned based on the strength of their combined services and their strategic direction. Today, we thought we’d share a bit of Aspire’s independent review of Doxim technology, plus some of our unique strengths in the field of Customer Communications Management.

“Doxim is a progressive software and managed services business that is rapidly expanding. It’s user-friendly CCM solution, built on modern, cloud-based technology, gives Doxim a solid platform to further expand into value-added services around interactive, payment, and more CX-driven use cases in the year to come. Doxim can help businesses improve their customer communications regardless of where they are in the journey between in-house and fully outsourced managed communications production.”

Kaspar Roos

Founder and CEO of Aspire

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Olga Zakharenkava
Vice President, Former CCM Product Management & Product Marketing at Doxim.
Olga focuses on delivering business value to Doxim’s clients through world-class SaaS CCM solutions. She has a strong background in CCM technology for the regulated industries, product management and project management.
Olga joined Doxim in 2017 as the head of Product Marketing, Demand Generation, and Communications, and prior to Doxim, held product, marketing and strategy leadership positions at companies of all sizes, from startups to Fortune 500, including Telmetrics, OpenText, and JVL.
Olga holds an MBA from the Paul Merage School of Business at the University of California, an Honors Master's degree in Finance, and an Honors Bachelor's degree in Economics and International Management. Olga is a regular contributor to industry media, covering topics in marketing, financial services, productivity, and work management.

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