Credit unions can use communications management to enhance member experience and promote loyalty. Read about 5 CCM & member experience trends in credit unions



5 Most Important Customer Communications Management And Member Experience Trends In Credit Unions

As the financial services industry emerges from a period of forced change relating to rapid digitalization, credit unions have a unique opportunity to springboard their digital transformation.

This is the year to focus on how to use communications management to enhance member experience and promote loyalty.

Here are the 5 most important customer communications management (CCM) and member experience trends in credit unions.

1. Re-imagine the role of the branch

In the wake of rapid digitalization of customer communication, brick-and-mortar branches will not disappear. Rather, the reasons why a member chooses to visit in-person will evolve and credit unions will re-imagine their branches to address those requirements.

Straightforward transactions and day-to-day banking will mostly remain online, while members will prefer to discuss finances and get financial advice face-to-face.

2. Ensure consistency across communication channels

Consistency across communication channels is essential to ensure a modern omnichannel experience.

Members want to select the channel that they wish to interact on and be able to switch channels whenever they want to, without losing the thread of the conversation.

A central platform for customer communications management across all channels (print and digital), will thus be a wise investment.

3. Focus on data strategy and message personalization

Credit unions have always provided a personal and community-based service, and it should be no different now that certain communications have moved onto digital channels.

Digital communication and the data generated, enable a high level of personalization, not just of the communication, but the entire digital experience. This is rooted in the ability to gather and utilize data, and every credit union should have a strategic data plan.

4. Outsource to an experienced CCM vendor

The credit unions that flourished last year were those that had made smart technology investments and were able to quickly move services and communications online.

Those that were not in the fortunate position to do so, now need to catch up. This is an ideal opportunity to consider outsourcing to a CCM vendor that can implement a customer communication management solution in a short term and at an affordable cost.

5. Improve cybersecurity, ensure compliance

With increased digitalization, comes increased cyber risk. Credit unions will need to focus on the security of their customer communications technology and processes.

In addition, being a highly regulated industry, all financial institutions cannot proceed with a CCM strategy without understanding how the selected platform complies with regulations.

Doxim’s Approach to Strategic CCM Partnerships with Credit Unions

Our CCM platform and infrastructure checks all the boxes for decision-makers that need to use communications management to enhance member experience as quickly as possible, while ensuring communication compliance.

We are an experienced and reliable partner, backed by the loyalty and trust of thousands of clients.

Here’s how Doxim understands the value we bring to a successful CCM partnership:

Outsource the complexity to Doxim, print and digital. With our CCM expertise across digital and print, Doxim will keep channels connected, eliminate the need for you to manage disparate systems and multiple vendors, so you can focus on growing your core business.

Empower your business users to do what they do best. Our industry-focused platform is designed for business users and offers self-service capabilities, wherever appropriate. Your users will have tools to be agile in response to new revenue opportunities and to improve CX, growing your organization while maintaining the intimacy and personalized service your customers seek.

Get a helping hand with risk management. As CCM complexity increases, Doxim maintains the strictest compliance levels per the requirements of multiple highly regulated industries and is regularly audited.

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