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Doxim is transforming the way financial institutions develop customer loyalty

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Upgrade Your Customer Engagement Strategy with a Platform Approach

Exceptional service is a hallmark of financial institutions but providing a consistent experience to modern consumer demands for personalized omni-channel engagement is challenging. Organizations will need to pivot towards a scalable automated approach in order to deliver.

Doxim delivers a full suite of customer communications solutions integrated with your core banking system. Our solutions for financial services institutions are designed to engage customers in a modern digital experience while driving operational efficiencies, reducing costs, and providing a technology framework for future growth.


Transform to Grow Revenue & Margin

High consumer expectations and growing competition make it hard to meet growth and profitability goals. Organizations with highly manual processes experience decline or stagnation, because they operate with a cost structure so high that they actually lose money with every new customer added. Doxim offers a breadth of purpose-built technologies that will transform your business to reach your financial goals today and in the future.

Onboard Effectively

Make an excellent impression with streamlined, paperless onboarding and loan origination processes that replace slow, impersonal exercises in form filling. This automation frees your staff up to have goal-based conversations with customers, setting the stage for a meaningful relationship.

Personalized Omni-channel Messages

Your organization needs to deliver a variety of documents and communications. This is a regulatory requirement and a basic level of service. Exceptional service is a hallmark of financial institutions, but providing consistently excellent experiences to modern consumers demanding personalized omnichannel engagement is challenging. Doxim helps by bringing integrated, purpose-built customer engagement and communications solutions.

Build Loyalty & Wallet Share

By analyzing the data you gather during routine interactions, you can define and create powerful targeted marketing campaigns and send them out via your customers’ preferred communications channel. We can even drop campaign ads right onto your statements.

Deliver Omni-channel Experiences

Doxim’s platform is designed to support your current communication preferences while taking you into the digital future. Our integrated solutions improve the customer experience, significantly reduce costs, improve efficiencies and compliance as well as automate paper and content-intensive processes.

Support All Channels With One Vendor

At Doxim, we believe that transactional documents are your opportunity, not simply an obligation and a cost to business. See how the Customer Communications Platform can help your institution maximize the impact of your communications.

Doxim Solutions for Credit Unions

Delivering on the Promise of Member Experience

Member expectations for seamless, connected, personalized experiences will only continue to rise! Financial services is a very personal matter, and your credit union’s relationship with members must now be more personalized and connected than ever to win their loyalty. The great news - you can now tap into innovative SaaS technology to enable this transformation!

Watch | How Credit Unions Can Address a Growing Experience Gap
Mind the Gap! The growing chasm between customer’s expectations of your community financial institution and the service they actually get could cost you dearly. Watch as we discuss today’s competitive financial services environment and your customer’s changing needs. We’ll uncover innovative ways to bridge the Experience Gap.

Webinar | A blueprint for getting it right: The changing forces of customer communication
Watch the on-demand webinar featuring Will Morgan, Senior Research Analyst for Aspire Customer Communications Services, and learn how to future-proof your communications strategy.

Read | Doxim Customer Engagement Platform for Credit Unions
The way your clients expect to engage with your credit union is changing from traditional, employee-assisted channels to on-demand channels. Download this brochure to discover the value an omni-channel customer engagement platform can provide.

Recognizing the changing nature of consumer engagement in financial services, Stride Credit Union had strategically re-positioned itself to review all areas of operations in an effort to intensely focus on an exceptional member experience… that’s when we uncovered how Doxim’s integrated engagement technologies could solve more of our needs than we anticipated!

Stride Credit Union

Doxim Solutions for Wealth

Capture Client Loyalty through Digital Engagement

In a highly competitive landscape, wealth management firms need automated digital processes that offer convenience and personalization for their clients.  Doxim helps wealth management firms focus more time on clients while we focus on transforming legacy processes to digital experiences while creating operational efficiency. Our wealth management solutions improve the client experience, significantly reduce costs, drive efficiencies, and ensure compliance as well as automate manual, paper and content-intensive processes.

Financial Services Expertise

Watch | Is Your Lending Technology Ready for the Future
Is your LOS future ready? Can it handle the mounting pressures of the increasingly competitive lending landscape inhabited by agile FinTechs? Join our solutions expert, Sean Kennelly, as he reveals the 3 pillars of lending technology required for a future-proof LOS.

Webinar | Automate the Complexities of Securities-Based Lending
In today’s fast-paced competitive environment, advisors do not have time for lengthy paper-based processes, back and forth data collection with clients, and tedious steps in order to grow their business. Watch this webinar to discover how Doxim Securities-Based Lending can streamline the on-boarding experience and reduce operating costs associated with securities-based lending.

Brochure | Doxim Client Onboarding 
Download the Client Onboarding brochure to understand how to streamline yourbusiness by bringing critical processes such as new account opening online.

To make it easier to offer these unique loans within a tight timeframe, we required a fully integrated lending platform so the application and approval process is completely seamless. We chose Doxim because of their flexibility and ease of configuration. Doxim products will let us bring automated SBLOC provision to the market faster than any other vendor we reviewed.

The Bancorp

Doxim Solutions for Banks

Make the Move from Disparate Communication Channels to a Single View Platform

In todays complex technology environment, it takes many pieces to create a seamless customer experience.  Doxim helps banks harness the power of digitization through a single platform to provide a seamless, end-to-end customer journey. This can include satisfaction-building experiences like frictionless onboarding, reduced time to fund loans, timely delivery of personalized customer communications, and effortless service across all channels.

Watch | The Experience Gap : How Community Banks Can Fight this Threat

Mind the Gap! The growing chasm between customer’s expectations of your community bank and the service they actually get could cost you dearly. Watch as we discuss today’s competitive financial services environment and your customer’s changing needs.

eBook | The Customer Experience Gap The Real Threat for Community Banks
Community banks are facing unprecedented challenges. On one side you’re being squeezed by big banks with deep pockets and on the other, by out-of-the-box thinking Fintech startups and digital disruptors. But your biggest threat comes from your customers.  Download this ebook to learn how to overcome these threats.

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Being part of your customers’ financial journey is key to knowing where, when, and how to market to them, and how to drive their financial well-being while earning more of their wallet share. So why isn’t your customers’ wallet share increasing? Download this ebook to discover strategies for engaging customers for life.

Our recent mobile deposit signup campaign generated 60 signups through a single email. You really can't beat those results!

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