The Benefits of Partnering with an Experienced Utilities Vendor

by | Dec 1, 2022

How an experienced utilities vendor can support your utility’s customer experience goals


According to recent research, 62% of utilities list “improving the customer experience” as a top priority. But to improve the customer experience, you first need to evaluate how your customers interact with you, and what they require from those interactions. This not a simple task however, so partnering with an experienced utilities vendor, who knows how to extract and utilize this valuable data is highly recommended.

For many customers, their monthly or quarterly bill is the only routine contact they have with your utility. So naturally, they want to know that their bill contains every bit of information and assistance they could possibly need. Not just general messaging that could easily apply to every other customer in the city-they want information that meets their specific needs.

In fact, customers today are asking more questions than ever – about their usage and usage conservation, about payment options, and even about your utility’s commitment to green initiatives. To hold up your end of the conversation, you need to make good use of your data to create personalized communications that drive engagement.

To produce and deliver the targeted communications your customers desire, you require a Customer Communications Management (CCM) vendor partner with utility-specific experience.

Any vendor can print bills or provide online payments for any industry. But you don’t need just any vendor – you need an industry expert as a partner, to help your customers recognize the value and convenience you add to their daily lives.

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Here are just a few ways an experienced utilities vendor can support your utility’s customer experience goals:

Data-driven bill design

Since billing time is often the only opportunity you have to communicate with your customers, your bills should work twice as hard to provide your customers with more than just an amount owed. As a leading CCM vendor for utilities, Doxim has collaborated with hundreds of utility companies to use their billing data to address customer pain points – and often, to solve problems customers never even realized they had!

How? By leveraging your customer data to include important account information for each customer, as well as personal messaging. You may want to communicate that you have autopay or e-billing options available and provide information on how to sign up for these services. Or, if a customer has payment arrangements or has missed a payment, you can send them personalized messages to keep them informed and on track.

Bill design can have a large impact on your customer’s ability to understand and pay their bill. Learn how Doxim can assist you in designing bills to convey the right messages to the right customer at the right time. Chat now

Reducing the operational burden of communications

What if you could combine the expertise of those who specialize in a product and industry with the one-stop convenience of using a single full-service vendor? You’d be assured of consistently getting the right bill to the right customer at the right time. Plus, working with a single vendor for all your regulated communications makes life easier. You know exactly who to reach out to for customer support, and your vendor team has a holistic view of your entire CCM strategy and the goals you are trying to reach.

Dependable technology and integrations

Why reinvent the wheel? An experienced utility CCM vendor will have a track record of investment in the skilled experts who comprise its IT development team. By maintaining a top-notch technical team with deep industry knowledge, your CCM vendor can get your communications up and running fast and triage any incidents quickly and efficiently.

For best results, look for a vendor that partners with utility companies all across the country, to ensure they have the knowledge, experience, flexibility, and familiarity to integrate with your systems. The benefits you’ll experience include faster, more accurate delivery of regulated communications, reduced costs and operational load, and most importantly, an enhanced experience for your valued utility customers.

Get the service you deserve, from an expert in utility billing

experts in utility billing

As a single, trusted partner offering a holistic CCM solution for utilities, Doxim can help you operationalize your customer experience strategy and make every interaction count.

Doxim’s omnichannel CCM platform can empower your business users to generate the frequent, ongoing, and personal interactions your customers crave, and distribute these communications through multiple channels (via print, PDF, HTML, email, text, and online interactive experiences).

The omnichannel capabilities of the platform are such that when a customer calls in to speak to a service representative or engages with a chatbot, both human and machine can provide immediate assistance by calling up the communication or document that the customer received. This keeps every customer communication connected, making multi-step, omnichannel customer interactions a reality.

Behind the scenes, Doxim’s seasoned customer experience experts can also help you encourage customer engagement and consult on creative communication design that delivers a great user experience.

And of course, Doxim’s customer communications management technology offers you all the security and compliance features you require to keep your customers’ sensitive data secure, plus the scalability and flexible pricing you would expect from a modern SaaS-based solution.

Let’s discuss ways to enhance your utility company’s customer communications to effectively boost customer experience management.

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