Customer Communications Management for Utilities

Discover Doxim Utilitec CCM, an integrated all-in-one solution, purpose built for utilities – a new era of customer communications management for utilities

Doxim has been recognized as leading CCM service provider on the Aspire CCM-CXM Service Provider Leaderboard, and ranked as the dominant player for several industries





Re-imagining Billing & Payments for Metered Services

Over 180 Utilities Put Their Trust In Us

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Experience the Power Of An Integrated All-In-One Solution That Is Purpose Built For Utilities

Doxim is an expert in Customer Communications Management for Utilities. We are the utility industry's better billing partner, providing critical visibility into utility billing data.

Our suite of utility solutions is built around the unique needs of the industry, while our platform is configurable to meet the individual needs of each utility. Doxim CCM for utilities, is your one-stop-shop for all your customer engagement needs. From composition, bill design and presentment to payment collections, account management and communications, we're with you each step of the way.

"When it comes to choosing the right partner, you need a single vendor who can synchronize and streamline all billing, delivery and payment processes so you can create the kind of seamless customer journeys that your customers have come to expect."

This is a graphic for Doxim CCM for Utilities solution. It’s features are as follows: Purpose-built for utilities, Omnichannel communications and payments, Consultative bill design,Proprietary cost reduction and bill audit tools, Customer engagement portals designed for a frictionless experience, Self-service content management for targeted and personalized communications, Nationwide coverage, Dedicated project success and support teams

Doxim CCM Platform for Utilities

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Say No To Inflexible Cookie Cutter Solutions

At Doxim the solution begins with you. Your data, your design and your delivery preferences are second to none. Gone are the days of inflexible systems provided by vendors that require costly customization and lengthy implementation. We put the power in your hands to choose which solutions you want to implement and when. Just as no two people are exactly alike, no two utilities are built alike - so why would we treat all utilities the same.

Icon: Your data

Your Data

At Doxim, we don't want you to waste dollars on customizing your data for us, instead we'll tailor our processes to your data needs.

Icon: Your Design

Your Design

Your brand is important to us and our team will help you design solutions that reflect your trusted brand.

Icon: Your Delivery

Your Delivery

Just as giving your customers choice is important to you, giving you choice is important to us. With Doxim, you can deliver bills and receive payments in all the ways that meet your client needs.

We Know Your Data

Utility billing data can be complicated, but with Doxim CCM for utilities, it doesn't have to be. Avoid the unnecessary expense of customizing data. We can leverage and transform any data, in any format from any platform.

We understand that your data drives all aspects of customer engagement and have over 20 years of experience working with utility CIS systems including Oracle CC&B, Banner, Cayenta, and Systems & Software (among others).

CIS Systems Companies: AS solution, Harris Utilities, True Point, itineris, Milsoft, Systems & Software, vertexone, RosTech, Tyler, Oracle, Esg, Daffron and Central Square
Exploring the shift towards digital first financial services

Bills Designed With Customer Experience And ROI Top of Mind

Your bill design can have a large impact on your customer's ability to understand and pay their bill. So, whether you're looking to decrease customer call volumes or increase engagement through value creation, our bill design services can help.

We take a consultative approach to helping our clients design functional, readable, and industry-leading documents. We incorporate cutting-edge printing equipment and design software, to ensure each utility document is unique. This way, you can convey specific marketing messages to the right customer at the right time and increase the likelihood of payment. Read more about Doxim's full suite of print and mail services

Let Us Handle the Complexity of Document Generation While Minimizing Your Operational Costs

Leave the complexity of document generation to us. Our entire business is designed around creating personalized, omnichannel communications at scale - and delivering them through the customer's preferred channel, on time, every time.

Our employees understand the unique nuances between municipal, investor-owned and cooperative utilities. We'll tailor communications based on your unique needs while implementing solutions that reduce your printing and mailing costs.

Citizens Energy Group selected Doxim as it's vendor to do the required systems and data integration to generate timely bills.

As a result of this partnership, CEG sent bills out earlier, improved customer satisfaction, integrated it's monthly newsletter, and added targeted messages for individual customers.

We appreciated Doxim's knowledge, flexibility and responsiveness. Through the process we felt that we had found a true partner.

- Customer Billing Services Manager, CEG


Give Your Customers Choice with Omnichannel Delivery

Today's customers want options on how they receive, view and pay bills. More importantly, they want the ability to seamlessly switch between channels and methods as their needs and preferences change.

With Doxim CCM for utilities, you can synchronize your messaging across all communication channels. Leverage our solutions to engage with your customers throughout their entire journey, on any channel and device.

  • HTML, PDF, Print - design for any channel
  • Mobile responsive, ADA-compliancy
  • Interactive, enhanced with rich content
  • Integrated, omnichannel payment platform
  • Multiple delivery channels including email and text

CIS Expertise

Operational Excellence

Unmatched Onboarding Process

Digital First Partner

State-of-the-art Security

Self-Service Portal Offers Speed and Agility to all Business Users

We know speed and agility are important to your business. That's why our self-service portal gives your business users instant control where they need it most. Through our cloud-based interface, they can schedule, monitor, and make changes related to billing as well as get real-time job tracking and reporting.

And, with operations, marketing, accounting, and customer service teams leveraging a single source of truth, your company can finally break through organizational silos and offer a cohesive and consistent customer experience.


Integrated, End-to-End Payments Solution for Streamlined Collections and Reconciliation

Create a frictionless bill-to-payment experience that is sure to reduce days sales outstanding (DSO). Leverage Doxim's integrated end-to-end EBPP solution that allows your customers to choose from a variety of billing and payment channels.

Our EBPP solution is designed with both customers and staff in mind. We understand the pain of reconciliation and that's why we have built one of the industry's best payment reporting capabilities with real-time posting.

Detailed and conclusive reporting on the full payment lifecycle, from authorization through funding, ensures to-the-penny reconciliation, every time, saving both time and effort.

Accelerate Digital Transformation

Your customers are increasingly accustomed to the digital first experience provided by the likes of Amazon, Netflix and Google. Is your utility keeping up with these new customer expectations?

Doxim's strategic consulting and advisory team can guide your digital transformation efforts. Leverage our expertise to assess your needs, develop strategies, chart your course, and improve each step of the digital CX.


We Check Off All the Boxes On Your Feature List

Self-Service Client Portal

Document Generation & Composition

Print Communications

Automated File Auditing & Tracking

Quality Assurance Checks

Digital Delivery

Integrated Payment Solution


Digital Consulting

Customer Success & Support

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Engage Customers with Data Driven Personalization and Targeted Messaging

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