How Wealth Management Companies Can Improve Investor Experience

by | Aug 13, 2021

3 Ways Wealth Management Companies Can Improve Investor Experience Through CCM

Wealth management companies need to fast track their digital transformation strategies with a specific focus on improving the investor experience. Prior to the pandemic, the wealth sector was already facing several key challenges, including digital disruption from non-traditional competitors and a shift in how investors expect to interact with their wealth managers.

To retain existing clients and grow their assets under management, wealth companies must focus on achieving higher levels of satisfaction when it comes to investor engagement. A Customer Communications Management (CCM) platform will help wealth management companies improve investor experience and engagement.

Here are 3 ways wealth management companies can improve investor experience through CCM

1. Personalized content 

Consumers are now used to receiving highly personalized content from their other service providers, and they expect this same level of personalization from their wealth manager. As each portfolio is different, and every investor has their own personal financial goals, broadcasting the same information to all investors is not appropriate.

A CCM platform underpinned by accurate investor data can be the foundation of a highly personalized communication program that keeps the investor informed, builds trust, and underscores the value of active advisor advice which results in investor loyalty.

2. An interactive digital experience

Simply mimicking the print/mail experience through an online channel is not the way to achieve digital transformation success. Wealth management companies may have responded to COVID-19 lockdowns by quickly providing an online portal with access to previously printed documents. But this is not the digital experience investors are looking for.

Digital lends itself to real-time, and clients want to be able to engage with real-time information, on the channel of their own choosing, whenever the need arises. Information must reach the client in time for them to make smart decisions. This is becoming increasingly important in a world of instant gratification and self-service, where clients want information at their fingertips, with the click of a button.

A CCM platform can enable interactive digital experiences that improve investor experience, such as the ability to personalize their experience, make it more dynamic, and choose how they receive documents and reports.

3. A 360-degree view of communication 

Consolidating all investor communication onto one CCM platform enables a single view of all messaging an investor receives. Without this view, messages can be misaligned, sent too frequently or not often enough, presenting the investor with a fractured experience of the wealth brand. This fosters mistrust and can result in the investor moving funds to an alternative service provider.

When all messaging is distributed from a single CCM platform, the wealth managers have more control over the investor experience, and can ensure that messaging is aligned, sent at the appropriate cadence, and works towards building a strong digital relationship.

How Doxim CCM for wealth can assist managers to grow closer to investors


Wealth managers need a strategy to digitally transform their communications to anchor the investor experience. To achieve this, a comprehensive Customer Communications Management platform is a vital starting point.

We understand the unique requirements of the wealth management sector and can advise on how to digitally transform wealth client communications management using Doxim solutions. We already partner with dozens of enterprise wealth management organizations across North America, helping to strengthen relationships through an enhanced investor experience.

Doxim CCM is a robust, single-source platform with a wide array of functionality and features that were developed to meet the needs of the wealth management industry. Using the CCM platform, and taking advantage of Doxim’s consulting and advisory services, wealth management companies can speed up digital transformation and improve investor experience across all channels, print and digital.

Our CCM platform not only enables digital engagement with investors but improves efficiency for wealth managers by making all investor communications and personal documents immediately available to the right stakeholders in order to deliver a seamless and consistent experience for investors when customer service or other queries are made.

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