Get Hyper-Personalization Working for Your Regulatory Customer Communications

by | Oct 11, 2023

Outsourcing Insights: Navigate the Path to Hyper-Personalization in Regulatory Customer Communications

Digital Banking Hyper personalization is the art of using data – and lots of it – to identify the right products, services, or content for every customer on a highly-specific and granular level. Done right, it can offer a 1:1 customer experience, at scale, in a cost-effective and automated fashion. A hyper-personal approach to customer communications promises to increase customer loyalty and wallet share and increase the efficiency of your marketing outreach. But to achieve these benefits, organizations need to know where to get started on their journey to 1:1 marketing.

An Often-Missed Opportunity: Hyper-Personal Messaging on Regulatory Documents

Hyper-personal messaging

At a recent webinar “Personalization 101: Why and How to Enable Hyper-Personalization in Your Regulatory Communications” Doxim experts discussed the importance of a hyper-personal approach to regulated customer communications. They identified these documents as an opportunity for customer engagement that often gets overlooked.

Many times, when implementing a marketing strategy around personalization, routine communications like bills, statements, and other regulatory or operational communications are ignored. But they represent a unique opportunity to get 1:1 messages in front of customers on the transactional documents they are likely to review.

Customers trust that their regulatory documents, like statements and bills, will be timely and directly relevant, and so they review these documents at a much higher rate than other communications. By including a personalized sales or service message, or even an interactive video, right on these documents, your organization can take full advantage of the inherently engaging nature of regulatory communications.

Get advice from a Doxim specialist on how you can take customer communications to the next level by hyper-personalizing your existing regulatory statements and bills.

Hallmarks of Effective Omnichannel Communications

Banking system Today’s customers have high standards for their interactions with brands of all sorts, including those in regulated industries. To meet their expectations, there are three things you need to consider when crafting your omnichannel communication strategy. Your communications must be:
    1. Connected – Your organization must speak with one voice across all channels and throughout the customer lifecycle. Otherwise, you risk a fractured experience that doesn’t build loyalty and trust.
    2. Personal – You must tap into the customer lens to craft individual messages, that meet their needs while still respecting their privacy along with meeting regulatory and compliance obligations
    3. Relevant – Send personalized messages that reflect changes in life events and tell the story of how you can better meet the customer’s unique needs.

Outsourcing: The Roadmap to Success

Digital solution Organizations that learn how to leverage their data won’t necessarily drive a better hyper-personalized experience. Implementing this process is complex, even at a granular level. Regulations, compliance, and a need for more resources, plus the challenges of internal ecosystems, current technologies, and integration of modern technologies all create massive roadblocks. The sheer number of roadblocks is what leads many organizations to migrate or plan to migrate from a legacy solution. But these companies recognize the importance of outsourcing and seek help from a turn-key enterprise solution. The benefits of outsourcing speak for themselves. They result in valuable, future-proof technology, with a roadmap built and implemented by proven experts to get hyper-personalization working at every level.

How Doxim Delivers Seamless and Personal Omnichannel Customer Communications

Digital solution

Doxim offers the solutions and expertise your organization needs to succeed with integrated communications, so every customer has consistently an excellent experience, regardless of channel.

Our expert team and leading-edge technology can assist you at every stage of the communication process, including:

    • Consultation: Let Doxim experts help you assess and enhance your customer journeys with print/digital communication journey mapping.
    • Design: Our experienced communication design experts help you implement consistent messaging and branding to all customers, on any channel or device.
    • Digital Adoption Strategy: Doxim can help you no matter where you are in terms of digital maturity and adoption, to enhance and streamline digital engagement.
    • Single Source Communication Management: A 24/7 cloud-based communications management portal gives you the ability to view, manage, edit, and report on all communication channels for truly integrated communications and an optimal cost outcome.

Learn more about how Doxim can help you leverage your data to get hyper-personalization working for you!

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