Customer Communications Strategies For Navigating Uncertain Times

by | Oct 13, 2022

An Optimized, Modern Customer Experience Can build Profitable Customer Relationships, Reduce Cost, And Drive Revenue


Customer communications strategies for navigating uncertain times

With an economic downturn already underway and global instability persisting, organizations like yours are dealing with unforeseen risks. They may range from loss of revenues to the effects of disrupted supply chains and record low unemployment on business operations.

Cost management during these events is a central concern, as companies look for sustainable, long-term strategies that will enable them to thrive in these times of uncertainty. By locking down costs, prioritizing the most beneficial initiatives, and exploring methods to maintain customer loyalty and grow revenue, organizations can position themselves to emerge as winners when the downturn ends.

Regardless of broader macroeconomic, demographic, or pandemic-related trends, regulated customer communications are never optional. As a result, leaders in highly regulated industries are not only exploring ways to contain costs associated with these key deliverables but are also looking to leverage them as a source of revenue.

Read on to learn how a modern Customer Communications Management (CCM) platform can provide cost savings and operational stability, while empowering your communications team to build loyalty and share of wallet with your customers, even during a downturn.

Gain cost certainty with customer communications management as a service

Managing customer communications in-house creates challenges at the best of times. CCM (Customer Communications Management) operations have a complex set of expectations and requirements around them, which must be met regardless of broader economic or operational issues like supply chain disruption or postal delays.

By moving to a cloud-based managed services model supported by a trusted CCM provider, you can minimize this uncertainty, plus reduce the overhead of owning and operating an omnichannel CCM solutionand enjoy a consistent and predictable pricing model as well. Physical hardware is expensive to maintain, and staffing can be a real challenge these days.

A managed CCM service provides you with the infrastructure, scalability, and stability you need to reduce your resource overhead and with access to broad and deep subject matter expertise at a moment’s notice. Such a service can allow you to provide communications cost-effectively during an economic downturn and be poised to ramp up communications as conditions improve.

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Increase customer retention with empathetic communications

In a time of increasing economic uncertainty, you can expect that customers are examining their expenditures and considering where they can cut costs. Even in industries like utilities, where customer churn is less of a concern, your customers will need more support and clarity as they track their budgets closely. Irrespective of the industry, all customers will appreciate personalized messaging that centers on flexible ways to meet their obligations, whether that involves choosing an appropriate financial service or reviewing their healthcare payment options.

To support and retain customers at this time, you will need to unify your customer data across all touchpoints, communicate in a frictionless and consistent manner, and glean insights from how your communications are performing. If you leverage the 1:1 communication capabilities of a CCM platform, you can offer personalized assistance to every customer ensuring higher customer engagement, whatever their circumstances. Such an approach builds trust and loyalty, which in turn leads to an increased share of wallet and more timely payments.

Engage Customers with Data Driven Personalization and Targeted Messaging

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Maximize customer lifetime value (CLV) with enhanced customer communications

Growth is possible during an economic downturn if you adjust your product and service mix to meet the changing needs of your customers and communicate these offerings to them effectively. Your CCM platform can support this strategy by allowing you to create, approve, and deliver communications with integrated, personalized marketing messages quickly, through the channels your customers prefer most. This will allow you to respond to a customer’s circumstances in a way that appeals to the customer, and also represents an opportunity to protect or even grow revenue.

Changing economic times require agility

Changing economic times require agility

Economic uncertainty and global instability mean that your business is navigating uncharted waters. In these circumstances, eliminating uncertainty wherever possible can help you position your company for lasting success. By working with a single experienced CCM partner, you can simplify operations, reduce costs and risk, improve customer experience, and ensure your business-critical communications are dispatched in a timely and accurate fashion, regardless of macroeconomic factors or supply chain instability.

To lock down costs related to communications, and ensure your customers feel supported in tough times, consider working with Doxim.

Doxim is a trusted vendor partner for 2800+ organizations in highly regulated industries. These organizations rely on Doxim to provide them with the technology and expert support to design, manage and deliver high volume, data driven and personalized regulated communications via customer-preferred channels.

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