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Doxim ECM is a cloud-based repository that manages your regulated customer documents securely and compliantly, but it was purpose-built to fuel a modern digital CX – enabling fast, easy ePresentment through seamless portal integrations. GET THE BROCHURE

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Download this quick, easy read to discover all the features and functionality you need in an enterprise ECM document archive. DOWNLOAD THE SHEET DOXIM ENTERPRISE CONTENT MANAGEMENT Mordern customer experience

Enabling a Modern Customer Experience

Doxim ECM (Enterprise Content Management) is a cloud-based repository that manages your regulated customer documents securely and compliantly. It was purpose-built to fuel a modern digital CX – enabling fast, easy ePresentment through seamless portal integrations. By default, it securely stores documents generated by Doxim’s Customer Communications Management Platform (Doxim CCM) and Customer Engagement Solutions (CRM, Origination & Client Onboarding), but it is flexible enough to manage and centralize all your customer documents.

A Cloud-Based Document Repository 

  • Multi-tenant SaaS solution
  • Completely browser-based; zero infrastructure required from your IT staff
  • State-of-the-art data centers, managed by Doxim
  • Rapid deployment and ramp-up
  • Web services and RESTful API
  • An administration system that is easy to understand and use
  • A highly scalable platform that accommodates business growth

Manage Documents Securely and Compliantly

You can rest assured documents stored in Doxim ECM are managed securely and compliantly in our state-of-the-art data centers:

Advanced Permissions and Security 

You decide who can view, modify, create, delete, and administer documents and content at both user and group levels. As documents are added to the system, user and group permissions are assigned automatically based on the rules you’ve established. The result is a robust, flexible, completely secure content management system.

Document Versioning 

Document versioning gives you the flexibility to access previous versions of the file and revert to them, as needed. A detailed record of file changes and file activity are logged and retained in perpetuity for compliance.

Records Management 

You can classify documents within Doxim ECM and apply records management rules in accordance with your policies. This will ensure documents are managed securely and compliantly for the appropriate length of time, then flagged for destruction and purged when they are no longer needed. In this way, you comply with regulations, while actively managing your document storage costs. Manage Documents Securely and Compliantly Image: Secure sharing and epresentment

Enable Secure Sharing and ePresentment

With documents safely and securely managed, you can unleash them to fuel modern processes and enable easy access by customers and staff alike. Our RESTful APIs make portal integrations easy, enabling fast, secure online access to documents anytime, anywhere, using any device – directly through:
  • a Doxim-hosted portal
  • your existing customer portal
  • a third-party portal
  • your internal staff document portal
Document self-service satisfies modern customer expectations for on-demand access, while reducing your print costs and decreasing the number of calls to your front office. Integration with your staff portal will boost your operational efficiencies, so when customers do call, i staff can quickly locate key customer documents.

Create a Centralized Content Hub for Customer Documents

Having a single, centralized view into customer documents of all types and origins can deliver significant efficiencies and value. This flexible repository can manage files of any type. It can easily provide your staff with a single location and fast access to documents while increasing the volume and variety of content served to customers through your customer portal. As you add more documents, you realize greater value.

eSignature Documents 

Instead of storing paper versions of signed documents in a filing cabinet, you can digitize them using the Doxim eSignature and store final documents electronically in Doxim ECM – for more secure and efficient handling and storage. Our fully integrated workflow lets front office staff upload documents, then kick off an eSignature workflow that routes the documents to your eSignature vendor and returns them fully signed into the ECM. We integrate with leading eSignature vendors DocuSign™ and OneSpan™. The signed documents can be accessed by authorized users and exposed to customers via integration with any client-facing portal.

Tax Documents 

Each year, many customers eagerly await their tax documents and the notification of expected tax payments or refunds. You can delight customers with quick uploading and timely delivery of e-tax documents through your customer portal.

Workflow Documents 

You can add a variety of printed or digital workflow documents to the ECM using Doxim  Document Imaging. Scan and bulk upload printed or digital invoices, quotations, HR documents, and more. This solution makes it easy to leverage Doxim ECM as your single, centralized hub for customer documents.

Digital Notification

When batch files are uploaded to Doxim ECM, you can configure a process where customers receive an email notification – informing them the file is available and providing a direct link. Providing customers with instant and personalized information is key to a modern CX. Receiving digital notifications via email
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