3 Banking Customer Communication Trends to Watch in 2023

by | Jan 18, 2023

3 Banking Customer Communication Trends to Watch in 2023

What’s on the minds of financial services leaders as they plan for the upcoming year? An upcoming Digital Banking Report asked financial institution executives to provide the top trends they considered most important to the growth and success of their banks. Below, we explore three of these critical banking customer communication trends, and how they relate to your essential communications technology and processes.


1. Improvement of Integrated Multichannel Delivery

It’s an omnichannel world these days, with at least 85% of adults owning a smartphone and using it to do more than ever. So, it’s no wonder that financial service executives see the improvement of delivery across channels as a key priority.

In the world of Customer Communications Management, or CCM, this translates into a couple of key approaches. The first is that your regulated communications, like bills and statements, need to be designed in a way that optimizes for mobile, since they will increasingly be viewed on a mobile device instead of a laptop or desktop.

And the second is that those regulated documents should be complemented by a variety of other communications that recognize our mobile-first reality – like secure 2-way texting, emails with responsive design, and even short, personalized videos. By making full use of all the channels that make up a modern banking relationship, your FI (Financial Institution) can build customer engagement in the moment, even with customers who are on the go.

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2. Removing Friction From The Customer Experience

Customers today are busier than ever, and they do not have time to deal with roadblocks when banking. Moreover, the barriers to switching banks are lower than ever, and customers have more choice of financial institution than ever before. To retain your customers and build loyalty, you need to focus on eliminating friction from every interaction with customers, wherever possible.

A CCM solution can help here too, by putting all the customer’s documents and communications at the fingertips of your employees, so they can easily resolve customer concerns without having to dig for information. That’s the kind of effortless interaction that keeps customers coming back. And, of course, having great software also enhances the employee experience and helps you hold on to your valued team members at a time when employee turnover represents a real problem.

Discover how an effective Customer Communications platform can help your organization engage customers in ways that are frequent, targeted and interactive and available on demand – in the customers’ channel of choice.

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