Why Utilities Must Simplify Utility Bill Payment

by | May 13, 2021

Utilities Need A Partner That Shows Innovative Thinking When It Comes To Offering Payment Options That Meet Consumers’ Needs

The Covid-19 pandemic accelerated the need for many service providers, such as banks, insurers and of course, utilities to provide their members/customers with alternative ways to interact with them. Many physical service locations were closed temporarily, and lockdown prevented customers from going to stores or service centers to conduct their personal business.

Having been forced to adopt digital alternatives, customers now expect and rely on businesses to offer convenient ways to interact without meeting face-to-face.

While the pandemic forced many customer services online, it also heightened the need for efficient, simple processes that enable potentially anxious customers to go about their business, stress-free. For example, customers expect convenient methods of payment, both virtual (online, pay by text, IVR, etc.) and physical (service centers, retail stores, etc.) And so, it’s essential that utilities simplify utility bill payment.

Let your customer choose how they want to pay their utility bill

  • Mail in a check
  • Visit the service center
  • Pay in person through a kiosk
  • Pay at participating retail stores
  • Secure online portal
  • IVR
  • Mobile application
  • Pay by text/email

Bill payment is not a task customers look forward to each month

One way to ease customer frustration and avoid adding to the stress of paying monthly bills, is to simplify utility bill payment. Providing the customer with a choice of physical and digital ways to pay is key – let the customer decide which method is most convenient at the given moment.

With digital payment methods, the key is to offer something for everyone – whether it’s a mobile application, a secure portal, a credit card payment facility – each customer needs to be able to select the payment method most suited to them.

While virtual payment options meet the needs of many customers, especially in the utility realm, there are those who prefer cash payments, along with a tangible experience and a physical receipt.

When it comes to physical methods, it is all about enabling customers to pay their utility bills quickly and efficiently. Some will choose to write a check and mail it in. Others will prefer to pay their bill at the same time as completing other tasks – such as at a retail store while doing their shopping.

So, how can utilities meet these customer needs amid facility closures and limited staffing on-site?

Look for a partner that shows innovative thinking when it comes to payment options that meet consumers’ needs.

Doxim’s utility clients are reducing operational burden and infrastructure costs by outsourcing their billing and payment to us.

Doxim has partnered with Fiserv to offer Checkfreepay, a solution that enables billers to offer in-person payment at over 30,000 retail locations nationwide. Consumers can enjoy the convenience of being able to pay their bill at any of the participating retail stores. SPEAK TO DOXIM ABOUT OUR EXTENSIVE RANGE OF UTILITY BILL PAYMENT OPTIONS

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