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Read about the digital trends shaping the future of digital banking – cloud & AI as well as enhanced, seamless omnichannel customer experiences



Trends Shaping The Future Of Digital Banking

COVID-19 has co-opted every organization’s digital transformation strategy, infusing a new sense of urgency ongoing digital.

The banking industry is no stranger to digital disruption - brought on by the rise of new technologies, heightened consumer expectations and new agile, digitally enabled market entrants. As a result the industry already started transforming, pre-pandemic, but now it has become a matter of urgency and ultimately...survival.

The three articles we selected discuss the digital trends shaping the future of digital banking.  It is no surprise that the conversations are around innovation, technologies such as cloud and AI as well as creating enhanced, seamless customer experiences through omnichannel customer communications.

But first, Mia Papanicolaou gives advice on how financial institutions can deliver an omnichannel CX - includes a link to her blog post.

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Banks need to rise to the Omnichannel CX challenge

The COVID-19 pandemic shifted so many digital transformation plans.  No-one could have foreseen such a dramatic change from customers, concerning their rapid migration to digital channels.

Delivering on the omnichannel CX promise prior to the pandemic was already a challenge.  Financial institutions are still expected to deliver communications to customers via their preferred channel, all the way from print to a range of digital options. This, while driving innovation and supporting industry-specific regulatory requirements in a very anxious market.

Now more than ever, financial services companies need a plan to deliver the omnichannel, seamless experience that customers expect. Organizations that fail to tune in to these new expectations risk losing customers to those that had the agility to adapt.

Read my latest blog post to learn more: How financial services companies can deliver an omnichannel CX


Mia Papanicolaou

Vice President, General Manager at Striata, a Doxim company.

Mia heads up strategic consulting, providing strategy and advice to companies and is a regular speaker on digital customer communication, digital maturity and improving the customer experience.

Mia has been named as an email marketing influencer multiple times and is passionate about helping organizations improve their digital communication maturity.

Prior to joining Striata in 2006, she served as business director for email marketing company, eMessageX. Mia relocated to the UK as Striata's UK Head of Operations in 2010. After 3 years in the UK, she transferred to the USA (2013) to take up the post of General Manager of the region and then took the reins as Chief Operating Officer.