Paperless Adoption is Key to Omnichannel Success


Want To Encourage Customers To Adopt Digital Channels And Go Paperless?

Get Customers To Adopt Digital Channels And Go Paperless

Getting your customers to move across to digital channels is a key factor in the success of your digital transformation strategy.

Digital channels are ideal for creating highly personalized customer experiences, which is critical for driving engagement, retention and ultimately increasing revenue.

Doxim will help you leverage the power of digital channels such as portals, email, and mobile apps, to present information in a way that is customer-friendly and easy to understand.

Doxim can help you achieve significant savings on postage costs when customers go paperless

Not only does paperless adoption provide an opportunity to offer the customer new ways to engage with the company and an enhanced customer experience (CX), but it also results in significant cost savings from the reduction in postage expense.

Make it easy for your customers to go paperless

Doxim clients have some of the highest rates of digital channel adoption in the business. We can assist you to plan and execute programs to gain digital consent and promote paperless adoption:

Obtaining consent to communicate with a customer or prospect via digital channels is good practice and it’s also required by legislation in many countries.

Doxim experts understand consumer protection and data privacy requirements in the territories we work in and will help you to design an effective and compliant consent strategy.

Consent to communicate digitally

Our innovative electronic consent solution is a program of triggered messages designed to convince the maximum number of customers to adopt paperless processes.

The messages we send include an easy-to-understand demonstration of what the customer will experience when they say ‘yes’ to digital.

Whether you are requesting consent to market via digital channels or encouraging customers to convert to paperless documents, our experts will help you maximize your conversion rate.



We will help define your digital consent and paperless adoption goals and provide expert advice on how to reach your targets

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We will train your customer-facing teams to help them understand and support the adoption and consent programs.

Icon: Process Design

Process Design

By mapping the process, we will define communication stages, data flows, dependencies and feedback loops across multiple customer touchpoints.

Icon: Project Management

Project Management

Our project management teams are well equipped to help you manage your adoption and consent programs, including planning, execution and post-project learnings.

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UX Design

The goal of our UX design is to maximize customer engagement across all your omnichannel communications.

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Data Management

We provide detailed tracking and reporting on customer contact information and consent data.