A focus on improving insurance customer relationships through personalisation is key. This can be achieved by leveraging personalised, interactive video technology to deliver engaging insurance documents and communications



Leverage Personalised, Interactive Video Technology to Deliver Engaging Insurance Statements and Communications

Interactive Video

Insurance organisations are not known for providing personalised solutions. For generations, customers had to choose from a standard set of plans, rather than selecting the exact coverage they wanted, or needed.

More recently, the market has become saturated with an overload of products, options, and companies. This has led to greater competition and more sophisticated consumers, with a wider range of options that meet their needs.

Today’s successful insurance providers understand that their traditional business model needs to evolve. To stay competitive, they must act smarter, engage customers in real time and most importantly, deliver a personalised customer experience.

Learn how Doxim can help improve insurance customer relationships through personalisation

Customers expect personalised experiences

Today, customers have come to expect a personalised approach in everything they do, and that includes their insurance. They want personalised offers, pricing, and plan recommendations from their insurance providers.

Although all the stats point to customer experiences being crucial in customer retention, many insurance providers are not listening and delivering what their customers want.

A focus on improving insurance customer relationships through personalisation is key

focus on improving insurance customer relationship

Insurers wanting to deliver personalised services need to have greater focus on the user experience. They need to better understand their customers' behaviors and actions and then leverage those insights to craft customized, frequent and high-value interactions.

Here are a few ways to improve insurance customer relationships through an enhanced and personalised customer communication experience:

  • Use more common terms and less complex ‘insurance industry’ jargon to avoid customer confusion and frustration.
  • Engage with customers frequently throughout the year, not only at policy renewal time. This helps build a more solid relationship.
  • Use innovative digital channel for engagement, such as personalized interactive video, to communicate more clearly with customers, allow them to make selections and interact, and to provide more detailed and specific information about policies and claims.

Of these suggestions adopted by insurers recently, the last one offers the most far-reaching benefits. Insurers that can reach their customers at the right time, with the right offering. And, the more personalized and engaging experience drives tangible business results.

Numbers don’t lie

of insurers already achieving advanced levels of personalisation are seeing a significant increase in revenue per customer.
of these insurers are seeing an increase in customer engagement.
are seeing increased customer comfort with a full digital experience.

Improve customer relationships with personalised, interactive video

Improve customer relationships with personalised, interactive video

It’s time for insurers to jump on the personalisation bandwagon. With personalisation creeping into every aspect of our digital lives, the insurance industry can no longer ignore opportunities for improvement. From more personalised customer service to more tailored offerings, there are numerous ways to increase customer loyalty and satisfaction.

Enhancing customer experience through personalisation doesn’t have to be a daunting task. Doxim CCM Interactive Video offers an effective way to create simple and effective communications through personalisation.

From explaining supplemental insurance options to employees, to offering customised insurance quotes, tailoring insurance bundles, policy renewals or streamlining highly relevant communications, Doxim CCM Interactive Video can help you move past merely a transactional relationship and instead become a trusted advisor your customers want to hear from.

Doxim CCM Interactive Video makes it easier for customers to understand their insurance options quickly and easily. By simplifying complex information and enabling viewers to make informed decisions, you will see increased engagement and acquisition, improved onboarding, more conversions online and more opportunities to upsell and cross-sell solutions to existing customers.

Doxim CCM clients can leverage personalised, interactive video technology to deliver engaging statements and communications

Doxim CCM leverages our client’s existing data to deliver personalised, interactive video experiences at scale. Unlike other bespoke and expensive solutions, Doxim CCM Interactive Video is lower cost, as it produces 1:1 videos from a single template - a solution proven to be effective and one that yields maximum ROI.

The visual engagement and real-time interactivity made possible through video provides the ‘personal touch’ that drives increased customer satisfaction, better engagement, and high conversion rates.

Doxim CCM Interactive Video is a must-have for any insurance organisation wanting to improve customer engagement.

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