How Outsourcing Your Print & Mail Communications Operations Can Save You Money – And Trouble

by | Jul 10, 2023

Unlock the power of print & mail communications by outsourcing to an experienced CCM partner

Print communication

While digital channels offer new and convenient ways of reaching and engaging consumers, print and mail are still strongly preferred by some segments of the market and remain the optimal channel for reaching them. Personalized, well designed, and attractive mail pieces garner excellent results. They have lasting visibility on the desktop or countertop and, in some cases, are the format mandated by regulatory bodies.

While print and mail volumes will likely decrease, your organization will still continue delivering printed documents well into the future. So, it makes sense to get the most out of every page, and to ensure that you are generating your print documents in the most cost-effective way possible. And, if you are still generating print documents in-house, here are a few signs that it may be time to consider outsourcing the task to a trusted Customer Communications Management (CCM) partner:

  • Your company lacks the expertise needed to create regulated and compliant communications, putting you at risk of non-compliance. Staffing your print and mail operations is challenging, especially in today’s climate of high employment
  • Your print equipment is difficult to operate, inefficient, becoming dated, and more investment is needed
  • You are unable to minimize postage costs by preparing mail to USPS specifications householding communications in a single envelope, or managing addresses and returns effectively
  • You do not have the operational scale to source paper and envelopes cost effectively, qualify for value-add services or reduced postal rates
  • Your customer data is not centralized between print and digital operations, making it a major task to move customers from print to digital communications when needed
  • Ongoing investment in digital innovation is expensive and not a strategic business priority

Do any of these warning signs sound familiar? Managing your own print and mail operations can be a real challenge. And in these rapidly changing times, it often just makes sense for organizations to focus on their core business and outsource the complexities of print operations to a trusted partner. Read on to learn the many ways in which working with a CCM expert, like Doxim, can reduce costs, increase the speed and accuracy of document delivery, and even help you uncover hidden sources of revenue in your transactional communications.

Doxim is a USPS-designated full-service mailer. Our extensive value-add services improve your delivery accuracy and provide you with the lowest possible postage rates. Chat with our experts to learn more

Better Document and Statement Design

Document Design

Deriving increased value from your print communications starts with the fundamentals. How well are your documents designed? Document design and information layout impacts readability, attention, and customer response, and can result in better customer engagement and even faster payments. Your CCM vendor may have in-house experts in transactional document design who can leverage best practices to ensure your communications are clear, compelling, and designed for optimal response rates. Even if your team includes a skilled graphic designer, they won’t have the level of expertise that these experts possess.

Targeted Marketing Adds Value to Communications

Communication Values

By adding variable-driven, targeted marketing content within your statements and communications, you can cross-sell, upsell, and drive additional revenue to your bottom line. Instead of relying heavily on inserts, which are included in the envelope with your customer communications but can be expensive, discarded unread, consider marketing through onserts.

Onserts are embedded directly within the statement or document. Onserts eliminate the need to manage an inventory of stock, can be targeted, are read more often as they are an integral part of the document, and have an extended shelf life over separate physical inserts

Onserts can be added manually to your in-house printed communications, but it’s a simpler process to have your CCM partner identify onsert zones during your template creation. Once these onsert zones are identified in your templates, you can upload content on-demand, which allows you to be very nimble and targeted in your marketing outreach.

Partner with Doxim to deliver the most attractive, personalized print communications with superior quality.

Encouraging Digital Adoption and Preventing “Double Dipping”

Digital adaption

Moving as many customers to digital communications as possible is a great way to save costs and reduce your environmental impact. By working with a CCM partner that handles both print and digital communications, it’s easy to shift customers to digital and achieve higher digital adoption rates. Your CCM vendor can help you centrally manage your customer data to maintain a single source for print or digital communications, enabling omnichannel efficiencies. A CCM partner can also provide expert advice on increasing digital adoption rates in your customer base.

They can also enable automated print suppression for customers who opt in to receive digital documents, to ensure delivery in the customers’ preferred channel and prevents the “double dipping” costs incurred by providing two sets of communications to a single customer.

Maximizing Security and Compliance

Digital security

Regulated communications like statements and bills often contain sensitive information. Security breaches that expose this information can cost you, both in terms of penalties and reputational damage. By working with a CCM partner with regulatory security and compliance expertise, you can mitigate this risk and ensure maximum levels of security and compliance. A partner specialized in CCM will also provide security and redundancy for your sensitive data, plus rigorous on-site security, and a secure processing environment for your print documents.

Reducing Costs with World Class Print and Mail Communications Operations

World class digital solutions

Your CCM vendor partner is a one-stop shop for print and mail excellence. They can take over the complexity of parsing, transforming, and composing the document or communication – ensuring the right information is delivered in the right template, to the right person. As print and mail experts, your CCM vendor can also offer you cost efficiencies through processes like:

Householding – delivering multiple combined documents, related to different accounts within the same household, in a single package.

Address Standardization – ensuring that addresses conform to required USPS address standardized formats to ensure the lowest possible mailing rates via CASS processing.

NCOA Mailing List Validation – by leveraging the National Change of Address (NCOA) database to validate mailing lists, your CCM partner can ensure they are maintained and up to date while maximizing postage discounts.

Postal Disposition / Mail Entry Services – to ensure fast entry and the lowest possible postage rates, your CCM partner can prepare full-service mailings by presorting them in development and traying/palletizing them according to USPS specifications.

Experience The Benefits of Doxim’s World-Class Print & Mail Infrastructure

Support Customer Goals

In today’s complex technology environment, it takes many pieces to create a seamless customer experience across print and digital channels. Managing multiple vendors and disparate systems increases complexity, risk, and costs. Instead of trying to do it all, consider outsourcing your print and mail operations to Doxim.

Doxim maintains an extensive network of world-class print & mail facilities nationwide, with the efficiency and scale you need for optimal quality, delivery, and cost.

Across our network of operations, state-of-the-art equipment, processes, technology, and staff training ensure consistent service and timely job completion – for stringent adherence to SLAs, and the highest levels of security and compliance.

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