Banks need to improve CX to remain relevant and competitive. Read about three ways a Customer Communications Management platform can enhance CX in banking



Digital transformation in banking, with a specific focus on improving customer experience, is an imperative in today’s rapidly evolving digital landscape. Pre-crisis the banking sector was already facing several key challenges, including tighter regulations as well as increased competition from non-traditional competitors and new digital entrants. There has also been a shift in customer expectations in terms of how they expect their bank to interact with them.

To retain existing and attract new customers, banks must focus on achieving higher levels of satisfaction when it comes to customer engagement. A comprehensive Customer Communications Management (CCM) platform will help improve customer experience and engagement.

Find out how we can help your bank achieve seamless, personalized, customer communications that enhance customer experience

3 Ways a Customer Communications Management platform can help banks improve customer experience

1. Personalize customer communications

Consumers receive highly personalized content from their other service providers, and so they expect this same level of personalization from their bank. To build loyalty, a bank should treat its customers as individuals - acknowledging that each banking customer has their own unique financial circumstances and needs. Broadcasting the same information to all banking customers is inappropriate and ineffective.

A CCM platform underpinned by accurate customer data can be the foundation of a highly personalized communication program that keeps customers informed, builds trust, and underscores the value of active financial advice, which results in better customer experience and loyalty.

2. An interactive digital experience

Simply mimicking the print/mail experience through an online channel is not the way to achieve digital transformation success. Banks may have responded to COVID-19 lockdowns by quickly providing an online portal with access to previously printed documents. But this is a stopgap measure - not truly the digital experience customers want.

Digital channels enable real-time interactions, and customers want to be able to engage with real-time information on the channel of their choosing, whenever the need arises. Information must reach them in time for them to make smart decisions. This is becoming increasingly important in a world of instant gratification and self-service, where customers want information at their fingertips, with the click of a button.

A CCM platform can enable interactive digital experiences that improve customer experience, such as the ability to personalize their experience, make it more dynamic, and choose how they receive documents and reports.

3. A 360-degree view of communication

Consolidating all customer communication onto one CCM platform enables a single view of all messaging a banking customer receives. Without this view, messages can be misaligned, sent too frequently or not often enough, presenting the customer with a fractured experience of the bank. This fosters mistrust and can result in them switching to an alternative service provider.

When all messaging is distributed from a single CCM platform, the bank has more control over the customer experience, and can ensure that messaging is aligned, sent at the appropriate cadence, and works towards building a strong digital relationship.


How Doxim Customer Communications Management for banking can help improve customer experience

Banks need a strategy to digitally transform their communications to anchor the customer experience. To achieve this, a comprehensive Customer Communications Management platform is a vital starting point.

Doxim provides an end-to-end solution to manage customer communication in banking. Our CX and digital transformation experts work alongside banking clients to map current communications, identify gaps, and draft the framework that will inform the communication strategy.

Doxim’s CCM platform (SaaS and in the cloud) provides a quick, low investment option to integrate channels, consolidate data sources, and create consistent messaging across all communication types. We offer a flexible pricing model with a predictable monthly fee for all customer communications regardless of channel, so the bank can grow its digital channels and save on postage costs.

Using a single CCM vendor also eliminates other challenges, such as managing multiple vendors, maintaining regulatory compliance, and keeping up to date with information security requirements. Outsourcing these requirements allows the bank’s employees to focus on providing the level of service needed to grow the customer base.

Let’s discuss how Doxim can help your bank digitally transform communications to anchor the customer experience

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