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Take Your Financial Institution Paperless With Doxim ECM

Financial services team members waste on average 30 hours per month on searching, reproducing and filing paper documents. With a centralized, secure, web-based content management solution like Doxim ECM, financial institutions can streamline document processes and quickly eliminate manual tasks related to hard copy document storage, significantly reducing operational costs.

Doxim ECM allows staff to quickly find important customer files and associated content anytime, anywhere through an online content repository. Banks, credit unions, and wealth management firms can even leverage it to improve customer experience by providing self-service access to customer documents, such as e-Statements, through an integration with their customer portal.

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Doxim ECM Features

Self-Service Access to Statements

Enable customers and internal staff to access banking statements, check images, invoices, loan application documents, and more directly through your client portal.

Centralized Document Repository

Optimize how documents are stored and shared across departments and branches. Crucial customer and internal documents are readily available and easily discoverable through a single source.

Advanced Permissions

Doxim ECM uses dynamic, rules-based access to allow you to decide who can view, modify, create, delete, and administer documents and content at both user and group levels.

E-signing Workflows

Doxim ECM makes e-signing simple by routing the documents needing a signature into the e-signature workflow, then brings them back—fully signed—into the repository.

Document Imaging

Robust document scanning and indexing capabilities and a friendly user interface enable efficient digitization of hard copy documents.

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Business Portal Integration

Doxim ECM integrates with your existing banking portal to provide secure document access using the same design and interface controls as existing systems.

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Accessible Documents

Provide HTML and PDF accessible documents through the Doxim Accessible Portal to meet ADA and ACA compliance requirements.

Data Security

Doxim ECM is both SOC1 and SOC2 compliant and also provides WORM (Write Once Read Many) support.

Compliance and Audit Trail

Administrators have detailed record of file changes, complete audit and user logs as well as comprehensive audit reports and automatic retention management.

Client Success

The pilot turned out to be a resounding success! We experienced immediate operational savings of over 26k per annum and a 10 month ROI. We are now expanding the solution within the leasing business unit as well as showcasing the benefits of Doxim document imaging to other departments.  The interest is strong and I would anticipate that many other areas of the business will be looking to take advantage of this capability in the very near future.

With Doxim, we never have to jump through hoops! We’ve done our due diligence and looked at other providers, but we always come back to Doxim. Most importantly, we experience no issues - member communications are sent without fail, every time. Doxim team members even find innovative ways to help us resolve issues with other vendors.

Costs of printing were reduced by over 70% and postage costs were reduced by 80% within 6 months. Following a "go green" campaign, we now have an eStatement adoption rate of 94%. Plus, our staff don’t have to leave their desks anymore, there aren’t piles of checks everywhere, and they can access information immediately. It makes the working environment much more efficient!

Member response has been very positive! Electronic access to e-Statements and checks allow members to securely view, download, and print their own statements from the comfort of their home. Our partnership with Doxim has been a long standing one and they are the first we turned to to investigate and implement. Their direction and commitment to our needs continue to make them the partner of choice.

We consistently received great service from Doxim and as a result, have recently expanded our relationship, adding more products and services from the Doxim portfolio.

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