Enterprise Content Management

Secure Online Content Management

In a document-centric world that’s becoming more and more digitally focused it is imperative to deploy the right enterprise content management for financial services.

Doxim enterprise content management (ECM) offers a centralized and secure content repository that allows you to consolidate and share information both internally and with customers. Your staff can quickly find customer files and associated content from the Doxim ECM repository, and you can provide self-service access to customer documents, such as e-Statements, through your customer portal. Doxim Enterprise content manager

Doxim ECM also supports the e-signing of documents, so you can take your signing process online securely. Your staff can simply upload documents to the Doxim ECM, then kick off an e-signature workflow that routes the documents into an e-signature workflow that brings them back fully signed, into the ECM.

Doxim ECM is fully integrated with the other modules that make up the Doxim Customer Engagement Platform, so it offers a highly scalable, secure, SaaS approach to manage all the content that your organization generates throughout the client lifecycle.

Facilitate Document Access and Enable E-Documents

Reduce Costs and Increase Efficiency and Transparency

  • Reduce paper and postage related costs by offering your clients secure access to electronic documents
  • Streamline how your content is stored, shared and accessed across all departments and branches

Improve the Customer Experience and Enable E-Signing

  • Improve customer service levels, expand customer service offerings, and enhance customer interaction via self-service capabilities
  • Facilitate the e-signing of documents with an e-signature workflow that brings documents back, fully signed, into the ECM.

Increase Security While Decreasing Your Carbon Footprint

  • Ensure content security and access rules are maintained in accordance with regulatory mandates
  • Contribute effectively to corporate environmental strategies by reducing reliance on paper

Additional capabilities are available to help you to maximise the value of your Doxim ECM deployment, including:

Business Portal Integration
Doxim’s business portal integration capabilities let you integrate your brokerage or banking portal with Doxim ECM to enable e-Document access for clients and advisors.
Document Imaging
Doxim easyCapture is  an affordable electronic document capture application that combines robust document scanning and indexing with a friendly user-interface.

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