Utilities need to have a better relationship with their customers. A look at the critical role of Customer Communications Management in Utilities



A Look At The Critical Role Customer Communication Plays In The Utilities Industry

The utilities industry is under pressure to transform digitally.   A daunting task for most utility organizations, but undergoing this change is necessary. Not only will it help them become more efficient and agile, but they will also benefit from an improved customer experience, which is critical for success in today’s competitive, dynamic, digital landscape.

Considering all the digital technology and tools available today, there is no justification as to why utilities cannot prioritize digital transformation. Enhancing digital customer communication is a great place to start, so Customer Communications Management in utilities is becoming ever more important.

The articles that follow will give you a clear picture of how critical the shift to digital and specifically digital customer communication is for utilities today.

Our CCM expert, Erin Romo concludes with great advice on how utilities can use digital customer communication to build a strong customer relationship.

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How customer communications management in utilities can improve customer experience

Often, the bill-to-payment journey is the only regular touchpoint a utility has with its customers. So, it's vital to begin with this touchpoint and make it the best customer experience possible.

Once the utility billing and payment journey is optimized, the utility should expand to other communications. This could include sending customers useful and timely information outside of the regular, expected communications.

For example, offering a text or email alert when there is excessively high usage is valuable to the customer. It also benefits the utility, as unexpectedly high bills can increase the chances of the customer switching energy providers.

There are many ways utilities can use digital customer communication to build a strong customer relationship.

Here are a few ideas:

  1. Encourage customers to sign up to receive text or email alerts, so they are kept in the loop when there is an emergency or outage.
  2. Provide consumption reports by email, so customers can see trends and alter their usage accordingly.
  3. Recommend programs to help customers save money, such as incentives for purchasing home energy upgrades.
  4. Use social media accounts to keep customers up to date on topics like energy-saving tips, infrastructure upgrades, and cost-saving programs from the utility.

The speed and interactivity of digital channels gives utilities the opportunity to significantly improve customer engagement and customer experience.

Erin Romo, Vice President, Utilities Vertical Lead

Erin Romo

Vice President, Utilities Vertical Lead at Doxim

With over 15 years of experience in providing information technology and services to the utility sector, Erin's expertise extends across project and operations management, as well as sales and account management.

Erin was Director of Customer Solutions at Utilitec, (acquired by Doxim in 2019) having been with the company for 15 years. Prior to that, she worked as a Project Manager at MSX International.