The customer communication landscape is changing. Read how to connect & reconnect with customers during COVID-19 & how to keep customers engaged



How The Customer Communication Landscape Is Changing

The world has changed and so has the customer communication landscape. The pandemic has heightened the need for more personalized customer experiences, as consumers are being forced to interact in a contactless, ever more digital environment.

We have selected three articles that discuss how to connect and reconnect with customers during COVID-19 and how to keep customers engaged with consistent communication. 

Elizabeth Stephen concludes with great advice on how to ensure effective customer communication during COVID-19.

We can help you engage today’s customers with authentic, relevant, and hyper-personalized digital communication 

How to ensure effective customer communication during COVID-19

Through an extended period of stress, as we’ve experienced since the start of the pandemic, communication and service go hand in hand. Customers want relevant communication that is customized to their own circumstances and forms part of consistent and connected customer journeys.

Organizations that communicate most effectively during the crisis will be the ones that customers remain loyal to when the dust settles.  But, they also need to plan how they will do business post COVID-19, so maintaining regular communications with customers will be key.

Organizations can stay top of mind by informing customers of how their plans are adapting to changing circumstances, and how they’re assisting in the fight against COVID-19. This will help ensure their long-term survival.

Authentic, relevant, and hyper-personalized communication will be more important than ever. Customers will be looking for reassurance and organizations need to provide it.


Elizabeth Stephen

Vice President, Relationship Management, Aspire CCS

Liz is part of the Aspire CCS team in the US. She has a true passion for helping organizations identify their customers' needs and consulting with them to help fill those needs. Liz has for the past 8 years focused on Customer Communications Management (CCM) and helping clients utilize digital communications to meet their CX goals.

She is a lead consultant, workshop facilitator, blogger, and frequent speaker.

Prior to Aspire, Liz was at Striata, helping customers move to paperless, and then at Doxim as part of the consulting team helping clients advance in their digital maturity and digital adoption.