3 Top Patient Communication Trends in 2023

by | Feb 16, 2023

How to Optimize Patient Engagement in An Increasingly Digital Communications Landscape

Healthcare digital communication
2022 Was a challenging year for healthcare organizations. While still working to recover from the most acute phase of the COVID-19 pandemic, these organizations also had to contend with inflationary increases in the costs of medical supplies, plus ongoing issues with staffing both clinical and administrative workforces.

Now, in 2023, these organizations are seeking innovative ways to “do more with less,” increasing patient engagement and tightening the revenue cycle in ways that don’t include high upfront costs or increased person hours to implement.

Thankfully, Customer Communications Management (CCM) technology can help healthcare organizations make 2023 a year of innovation, recovery, and improved patient experience, while reducing operational load.

Lets’ discuss how we can help your healthcare organization optimize patient engagement in an increasingly digital communications landscape

Here are three current patient communication trends that can be leveraged to give your healthcare organization a competitive advantage:

1. Invest in patient experience

The same inflationary pressures that are putting a pinch on your healthcare organization are also hitting your patients in the pocketbook. To help them, you need to offer transparency and flexibility in billing and payments.

There are a few simple things you can do with your bills to put patients first, while reducing costs and shortening time to payment.

Firstly, ensure that your documents like EOBs (Explanation of Benefits) and bills are easy to understand, and you will reduce costly call center interactions with confused patients. Then make sure documents are personalized, interactive, and engaging by including personalized messaging right on the bill, and you’ll boost your patient experience via communications you must send anyhow.

And finally, make it simple for patients to review their financial obligations and act on them. Deliver documents through the channels they use most, like their mobile devices, and offer a variety of easy-to-use payment options, so they can take care of their out-of-pocket expenses effortlessly.

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2. Support your staff as they make the connections that matter most

Attracting and retaining talent, both clinical and administrative, is a huge challenge for healthcare organizations at present. One of the ways you can support your staff is to ensure they have the right technology to reduce their daily workload and make it simpler for them to do what they do best – connect with patients and help them achieve great health outcomes.

CCM software has a key role in improving the staff experience and increasing their efficiency. When a patient’s regulated communications are available for immediate review, through a secure and compliant system, responding to a billing inquiry becomes simpler. Your staff are already strapped for time, and modernizing your communications infrastructure is an important way to make their lives easier.

Providing great-looking, easy to understand healthcare documents also helps patients feel see and supported, which can make their interactions with your staff more pleasant. That’s a win-win for everyone involved, and it doesn’t come with a big price tag. It’s just a matter of making the most of every touchpoint, including routine communications.

3. Find operational efficiencies that don’t come with hidden costs

To “do more with less,” healthcare leaders may be tempted to reduce investments related to patient communications. But this approach can have unforeseen consequences, including a longer revenue cycle, and less engaged patients, who are more likely to seek care elsewhere.

Instead, consider cutting costs by increasing digital adoption rates, and encouraging patients to move beyond costly print-and-mail communications. Digital healthcare communication can yield higher revenue with less effort, by making it simpler for patients to review and pay their bills.

Digital healthcare communications meet increasing patient expectations for quick and easy omnichannel access to information about services, charges, the amount expected to be paid by their insurance company, and their out-of-pocket expenses. You can even include 1:1 on-document messaging that adds that “personal touch” and helps patients achieve better health outcomes.

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Positioning Your Healthcare Organization for Lasting Success

The three patient communication trends outlined above can significantly impact patient and employee experience, operational efficiency, and how your revenue cycle is managed and maximized.

By understanding these trends and how to act on them, you can be better prepared to make the investments and shifts in strategy your healthcare organization will require to thrive in a challenging and rapidly changing environment.

How Doxim Can Support The Enhancement of Patient Experience

Healthcare communication

The importance of a well-designed digital strategy and patient journey will only intensify as we move into the future, but the good news is that Doxim’s offerings can help your healthcare firm as it strives to continue optimizing patient engagement in an increasingly digital communications landscape.

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