Doxim Document Accessibility

Inclusive Communications to Enhance Your Digital Customer Experience

Make Your Financial Documents Accessible

The pressure is increasing on organizations like yours to provide accessible communications to customers due to local and international regulatory requirements and a desire to meet the varied needs of customers. But meeting accessibility requirements can be overwhelming, as your organization is already stretched to meet day-to-day business requirements.

Doxim can help you meet the needs of your customers who would benefit from accessible documents. Our experts will help you increase readability and offer alternative document formats, so you can improve the overall customer experience, reduce costly calls to your call center, and meet regulatory obligations.

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Doxim Document Accessibility Features

Compliant with Legislation

The solution meets all compliance requirements for WCAG 2.0 (A or AA) or higher, ADA and Section 508.

Multiple Document Formats

Doxim can create accessible transactional documents in both HTML and PDF formats.

Accessible Navigation with Screen Reader Support

Documents are optimized for the reading order with customizable headings and alternate text for images.

Various Document Types

Doxim can help FIs create accessible documents for statements, emails, notices, and tax documents.

Keyboard Accessible

Users can use the ‘tab’ key to navigate through the logical order of all forms, tables, or menus.


Allow users to self-declare their wish to receive or view documents in an accessible format.

Client Success

Our partnership with Doxim has been a long standing one and they are the first we turned to to investigate and implement. Their direction and commitment to our needs continue to make them the partner of choice. Our members really enjoy services like electronic access to e-Statements, so they can securely view, download, and print their own statements from the comfort of their home or office and check their monthly and past account statements easily and conveniently.

With Doxim, we never have to jump through hoops! We’ve done our due diligence and looked at other providers, but we always come back to Doxim. Most importantly, we experience no issues - member communications are sent without fail, every time. Doxim team members even find innovative ways to help us resolve issues with other vendors.

Doxim allows us to think outside the box! They’ve allowed us to come up with ways to reduce internal workload, become more green, and cut costs. And they are almost an “invisible vendor” in the sense that Doxim just handles things without needing too much oversight. In that sense, its a seamless relationship – everything is automated and the work is out of our credit union’s hands, and into those of a trusted vendor.

They’ve been great for us! Their customer service is second to none. Doxim is willing to work with us to create the statement formats we need, the ones that work best for our members. Now our statements are optimized, and leave a great impression. Plus, Doxim customer service is proactive and quick to address any concerns we may have.

Costs of printing were reduced by over 70% and postage costs were reduced by 80% within 6 months. Following a "go green" campaign, we now have an eStatement adoption rate of 94%. Plus, our staff don’t have to leave their desks anymore, there aren’t piles of checks everywhere, and they can access information immediately. It makes the working environment much more efficient!

We have been with Doxim for over a decade, their customer service is great, they are very prompt in getting back to you when you have an issue, overall their whole company is great.

We consistently received great service from Doxim and as a result, have recently expanded our relationship, adding more products and services from the Doxim portfolio.

See Doxim Accessibility Features in Action

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