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Successful customer onboarding begins with creating an omni-channel experience that is seamless, personable and exceeds the expectations of your customers. With Doxim Client Onboarding, you can digitize and automate your onboarding process, so data entry is minimized, NIGO rates are reduced to nearly zero, and advisors can focus on getting to know the customer and learning what additional products and services might best suit their needs.

Increase Revenue and Uncover Hidden Sales & Service Opportunities

Doxim Client Onboarding reduces the number of steps taken to open an account by 70%, leaving time for your advisors to uncover and document cross-sell and up-sell opportunities during their conversation with the new customer. Then you can use these insights to increase wallet share with targeted sales communications.

Accelerate The Onboarding Process and Open Accounts Anytime, Anywhere

With our mobile-friendly interface, integrated e-signature capabilities, and mobile ID capture technology, your advisors can open accounts securely anywhere on mobile devices like an Apple iPad™. Behind the scenes, workflows streamline the approval process, so you can open accounts in real time, often within one day.

Reduce Hard and Soft Costs and Improve the Customer Experience.

Dramatically reduce the inconvenience and expense of error correction with automated Not In Good Order checks. End-to-end digitization also reduces costs related to printing, couriering and storing paper documents. Even staff training costs drop as the interface guides advisors through the customer onboarding process.

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Doxim Client Onboarding


Personalized Welcome Kits

Gather customer data, then use it to generate personalized communications such as welcome kits that can be customized and branded at a customer, sales representative and product level


Advisor Transfers

Automate and facilitate the onboarding of new financial advisors, allowing them to retain their customer base through timely, personalized communications about their move.


Bidirectional Integration

Leverage robust integrations to back office and third-party data sources to prevent the errors that stem from keying and re-keying data manually


Account Transfers

Doxim Account Transfer automates account transfers, simplifying and speeding this complex, time-sensitive process.
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Approval Workflows

Get new accounts open and funded as soon as possible with automated approval workflows which prompt back-office staff to review new accounts in a timely fashion.


Intelligent Questionnaires

Speed account opening by only asking the questions you need to ask, with intelligent questionnaires which display only questions pertinent to the account and the individual opening it.



3 Critical Phases in Account Opening

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A leading wealth management firm reduces costs & speeds obboarding

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