Client Onboarding

Provide a Great First Impression

Automated client onboarding software can help you create an easy, efficient and paperless onboarding experience that improves the customer experience and allows advisors to build stronger relationships.

Account opening is the crucial first step in new customer engagement, and an important opportunity to reinforce relationships with your existing customers as they open additional accounts.

Doxim streamlines the account opening and client onboarding process with a choice of smart forms or a dynamic questionnaire that presents only relevant questions based on product and client profile.

Automated data verification reduces errors and Not in Good Order (NIGO) scores by ensuring paperwork is filled out correctly the first time. As well, data entry is minimized by the ability to import existing client data and suggested default values. Behind the scenes, configurable workflows automate the progression of the client onboarding data through your approval process.

Personalized Welcome Kits
Doxim Client Onboarding automatically guides the account opening process, allowing your advisors to focus on building client relationships and uncovering sales and service opportunities, rather than shuffling paper. Information gathered helps generate personalized communications such as welcome kits that can be customized and branded at a client, sales representative and product level.

Accelerate Client Onboarding and Increase Revenue

Reduce Onboarding Costs and Accelerate The Onboarding Process

  • Open accounts securely anywhere on mobile devices like an Apple iPad™
  • Open accounts in real time, often within one day
  • Open accounts digitally with integrated e-Signature capabilities

Increase Revenue and Uncover Hidden Sales & Service Opportunities

  • Streamlined account opening leaves time for goal-based conversation
  • Uncover and document cross-sell and up-sell opportunities
  • Increase wallet share with targeted sales communications during the key 90 day onboarding period

Reduce Hard and Soft Costs

  • End-to-end digital onboarding dramatically reduces paper and courier costs
  • NIGO checks dramatically reduce administrative burden of error correction
  • Staff training costs drop as the interface guides sales representatives through the account opening process

Doxim Client Onboarding can also be used to streamline and automate:

Account Transfers

Doxim Account Transfer automates account transfers for financial advisors, simplifying and speeding this complex, time-sensitive process.

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