Customer Engagement Platform

Transforming Your Customer Experience

Customer experience has become a top of mind imperative for Financial Services CEOs. But it’s a challenge to address, as client interactions become increasingly fragmented across multiple online and offline channels.

Too often, untargeted client communications, disjointed service experiences, and seemingly minor errors erode the client relationship and leave your clients looking for alternatives. As a leading provider of customer engagement solutions for the financial services marketplace, Doxim can help you deliver a consistently excellent, personalized customer experience that keeps them engaged.

Customer Engagement Platform DiagramThe Doxim Customer Engagement Platform helps financial institutions transform their customer experience, communicate more effectively throughout the client lifecycle and improve cross-sell and up-sell activities that drive increased wallet share. The SaaS-enabled platform addresses key digitization challenges in your organization, from client onboarding automation, through improved, personalized communications to anytime, anywhere content access, tailored to your clients’ channel preferences. Digitization eliminates the costs of traditional paper-based, manual processes and enables you to cost-effectively provide an omni-channel experience that delights your customers and improves their long-term loyalty.

Start Where You Like and Build From There

The Doxim Customer Engagement Platform allows you to start by solving a pressing customer engagement related business need and then expand from there, leveraging the modular design that allows individual components to be adopted in any order, and remain seamlessly integrated.

Doxim’s focus on transforming the customer experience helps you personalize your client communications across all of your channels, increasing customer confidence, satisfaction and loyalty. The end result is decreased client attrition and increased wallet share, because satisfied customers use twice as many products as unsatisfied customers.

Client Onboarding

Doxim Client Onboarding automatically guides the account opening process, allowing your advisors to focus on building client relationships and uncovering sales and service opportunities, rather than shuffling forms and paper.

Loan Origination

Doxim Loans Origination offers a superior customer experience with a straight-through, paperless loan application process that streamlines loan creation and leverages automated decisioning to speed loans to completion.

Customer Relationship Management

Doxim CRM helps you to capture key customer data across multiple channels, helping you better understand your existing clients and intelligently target them with products that respond to their needs.

Business Analytics

Doxim Business Analytics’ powerful data mining and smart analytics capabilities help you identify trends in client demographics and behavior and plan more effective, precisely targeted campaigns.

Campaign Management

Doxim Campaign Management helps you define and create powerful, targeted campaigns and send them out via your clients preferred communications channel. We can even drop campaign ads into your statements.

Enterprise Content Management

Doxim ECM provides archival, search and retrieval for high volume compliance documents such as bank and brokerage statements and trade confirmations. It enables easy and secure document access via online customer portals.

Statements & Reporting

Doxim helps you convert your statements from compliance documents to fully fledged marketing vehicles; composed, processed and delivered via the channel your client prefers.