Client Onboarding

Client Onboarding

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Client Onboarding

Watch | What’s Next in Client Onboarding
Join industry experts from Doxim and eSignLive as they explore what today’s new crop of onboarding solutions have to offer your wealth management firm. You’ll learn about where the field is headed next, and uncover the key characteristics to look for when selecting a modern onboarding solution.

Brochure | Doxim Customer Engagement Platform for Wealth
Wealth management firms need to spend more time on core deliverables such as building wealth for their clients and delivering superior and personalized service. Download this brochure which shares a complete suite of SaaS solutions for wealth management firms.

eBook | Realize Immediate ROI with Digital Onboarding
Digitizing your onboarding is a sure-fire way to increase advisor productivity and save more than US$100,000 per thousand accounts opened. This eBook explains how automation and digitization can virtually eliminate costly NIGO paperwork, reduce time to account open, and offer immediate, measurable ROI.

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We’ll Handle the Paperwork So You Can Focus on Clients

Let Advisors focus on revenue-generating opportunities while technology automates processes. Automated, digital onboarding minimizes data entry, reduces NIGO rates to nearly zero, and improves compliance documentation.

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Open Accounts Anytime, Anywhere

Mobile-friendly, integrated e-signature capabilities, and mobile ID capture technology, financial advisors can open accounts securely from anywhere in the world, on any device.

Doxim Client Onboarding reduces the number of steps taken to open an account by 70%, and automated NIGO checks dramatically reduce the inconvenience and expense of error correction.

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Doxim product screenshot on device screen showing account information. The applicant look up screen selected, with blocks where advisor information and primary applicant information can be provided
Doxim product screenshot showing missing docs summary and accounts opened in last 7 days and list of accounts in flight

Simplify Compliance and Reduce Risk

With reduced data entry requirements and automated NIGO checks that highlight missing information, Doxim’s Client Onboarding reduces liability risks and helps ensure compliance requirements are met. Access more than 30 automatically generated than reports, so you can produce accurate reports quickly and easily in the case of a compliance audit.

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Doxim Client Onboarding Features

Account transfers iconACCOUNT TRANSFERS

Automate account transfers, simplifying and expediting this complex, time-sensitive process.



Expedite and simplify preparation and distribution—both online and in print—of client reports like trade confirmations and year-end documents.



Speed account opening by focusing on crucial questions. Intelligent questionnaires only prompt questions that are pertinent to the account and the individual opening it.


Get new accounts open and funded as soon as possible. Automated approval workflows prompt back-office staff to review new accounts in a timely fashion.



Leverage robust integrations to back-office and third-party data sources to prevent the errors that stem from keying and re-keying data manually.



Use customer data to generate customized welcome kits and enhanced statements that enable detailed personalization, improving the client experience and increasing adoption of ancillary products.